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Re: [v3] default to --disable-long-long, ctype fixes writes:


| I realize that, to quote Gabriel Dos Reis, "The World is not GNU
| Based.", but isn't this library a part of the GNU Compiler Collection? 

Certainly.  But GCC doesn't come with its own <stdlib.h>.  So what?
Any kind of hacks which assumes that system headers come from GNU
sources is fundamentally broken and unacceptable.


| (Mr. Dos Reis, does this clarify?)

It does; but largely ignored the concerns I exposed in my previous

| I'm not worried about introducing binary incompatibility with the
| current CVS.  I'm worried about the inevitable binary incompatibility
| between programs and libraries compiled with --disable-long-long and
| --enable-long-long versions of libstdc++-v3.

If I understand you correctly, just because the compiler happens to
have thousands of options, the library should be built by default by
all possible compbinaison of those options.

It is unreasonable that people who happen to build their programs
against non-standard features built in their owns libraries require
the standard library to sweep after them.


| Considering that I bitched about a more trivial issue (hash_map with C++
| string class as a key), I hope you don't dismiss my response to this
| issue out of hand.

I'm not dismissing your response.  As I said in my earlier message, we
have finite resource and deadline.  The standard library needs to be
implemented in order to be shipped with GCC-3.0.  I find it quite
unreasonable to spend the limited resource on non-standard features
whereas more pressing standard features are waiting to be sorted out.

-- Gaby
CodeSourcery, LLC             

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