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Re: [v3] default to --disable-long-long, ctype fixes

> Please reconsider this.  Would it be possible to put something in one of
> the libstdc++ headers like this:
> #ifdef _STDLIB_H
> #ifndef _GNU_SOURCE
> #error "Must add -D_GNU_SOURCE, or suitable system-dependent macro, to
> compile this program."
> #endif
> #endif

No. First of all, this is linux-centric, and all linux bits have to go in 

Second of all, long long is not part of the standard. Sorry.

> Turning off --enable-long-long is a really serious hardship for those
> who need it on.  It means we have to recompile libstdc++-v3, right?  Or
> since the compiler's now merged in, we would have to recompile both,
> right?  I would seriously prefer to use the binaries as shipped with the
> distribution(s), rather than having to recompile all this.

Keeping it on by default is a serious hardship for those who don't care 
or want a standards compliant library without gobbly gook. See the 
original post.

People who want it on can still use it, they just have to configure for 
it and plan on using it. I don't see evidence that this is a real hardship.

> After all, long long will be required eventually.

At that point, we'll reconsider. See the "at this point" part of the 
original announcement.


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