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Re: [v3] default to --disable-long-long, ctype fixes

Please reconsider this.  Would it be possible to put something in one of
the libstdc++ headers like this:

#ifdef _STDLIB_H
#ifndef _GNU_SOURCE
#error "Must add -D_GNU_SOURCE, or suitable system-dependent macro, to
compile this program."

Turning off --enable-long-long is a really serious hardship for those
who need it on.  It means we have to recompile libstdc++-v3, right?  Or
since the compiler's now merged in, we would have to recompile both,
right?  I would seriously prefer to use the binaries as shipped with the
distribution(s), rather than having to recompile all this.

Also, it introduces binary incompatibilities for anyone who builds a
program with --enable-long-long, if I'm not mistaken.

I'd much rather have the slight weirdness of a #error in a header file
than the binary incompatibilities and recompilation hardship of dropping
long long support.

After all, long long will be required eventually.

Is there a patch that could be made to glibc to fix this?
George T. Talbot
<george at moberg dot com>

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