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libstdc++, sparc-sun-solaris8, and -ansi

The following smal program fails for me on sparc-sun-solaris8 once I
specify -ansi:

  #include <iostream>
  int main() { }

% gccvs -ansi
In file included from /sw/test/gcc/SunOS/include/g++-v3/bits/stl_alloc.h:53,
                 from /sw/test/gcc/SunOS/include/g++-v3/bits/stl_string_fwd.h:18,
                 from /sw/test/gcc/SunOS/include/g++-v3/bits/std_ios.h:40,
                 from /sw/test/gcc/SunOS/include/g++-v3/bits/std_ostream.h:37,
                 from /sw/test/gcc/SunOS/include/g++-v3/bits/std_iostream.h:38,
                 from /sw/test/gcc/SunOS/include/g++-v3/iostream:2,
/sw/test/gcc/SunOS/include/g++-v3/bits/std_cstdlib.h:51: `lldiv_t' not declared
/sw/test/gcc/SunOS/include/g++-v3/bits/std_cstdlib.h:102: syntax error before `(' token
/sw/test/gcc/SunOS/include/g++-v3/bits/std_cstdlib.h:103: syntax error before `.' token

And the corresponding lines in std_cstdlib.h read:

 50  # ifdef _GLIBCPP_HAVE_LLDIV_T
 51   using ::lldiv_t;
 52  # else
 53    struct lldiv_t
 54    {
 55     long long quot;
 56     long long rem;
 57    };
 58  # endif
 59  #endif

Original system headers for solaris2.8 are at the usual location:

Gerald "Jerry"

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