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Re: libstdc++v3 portability problems

On Sat, Dec 09, 2000 at 02:43:18PM -0600, Robert Lipe wrote:
> Lovely.  That should reduce the pain.  (Or at least trade it for a known
> form of pain. :-)

Known pain is good.  Known pain has corresponding known anesthetics.  :-)

> Agreed.  That should always be our goal as developers.  When we succeed,
> it's great.  But I have a suspicion that debugging this stuff in the
> field is going to be a patience-trying experience.  We could have
> targets now that must have libtool ported to them before the tree will
> bootstrap.  Perhaps that's a necessary cost on the road of progress.

I think so... although once the documentation gets cleaned up, I hope to
add some of these problems to the V3 FAQ.  (And maybe the faq-o-matic GCC
FAQ, too -- talk about a patience-trying experience.  :-)


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