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Re: Patch to clean up / sources.redhat.comreferences in wwwdocs

On Sun, 3 Dec 2000, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> This patch cleans up references to and
> in wwwdocs: becomes
>, and becomes in
> connection with libstdc++.  OK to commit?

Thanks for helping with this. Yes, it's fine, with a minor change.

> 5. More cleanup could be done if Java moves to as well.

If this is not fixed in time, GCC 3.0 will not include the Java frontend.

I have contacted the Java folks well in advance, more than once.

> Index: htdocs/bugs.html
> ===================================================================
> -<p>Work is underway to complete a <a href="">new C++
> +<p>Work is underway to complete a <a href="">new C++
>  library</a> which will provide all the functionality in a compliant
>  way.

Please make this a relative link, w/o "http", hostname and a leading

> -<p><a href="">GNATS</a> is the GNU
> +<p><a href="">GNATS</a> is the GNU

Please omit the "gnats_toc.html" part of the URL.

> Index: htdocs/news.html
> ===================================================================
> -<a href="">libstdc++ project's home page</a>.
> +<a href="">libstdc++ project's home page</a>.

Please make this a relative link.

> -please check <a href="">
> +please check <a href="">


> -<a href="">libstdc++-2.90.4</a>.
> +<a href="">libstdc++-2.90.4</a>.

Detto, and please make this "libstdc++ home page".

> -You can read some more on <a href="">
> +You can read some more on <a href="">


> -<LINK REL="home" HREF="">
> +<LINK REL="home" HREF="">

Please remove these <LINK REL> stuff altogether. There is no real need for
it and, as you see, it's bad from a maintainance POV.

> -<A HREF="">
> -</A>.</P>
> +<A HREF="">
> +</A>.</P>

Omit the index.html part please.

> -         to the list, use <A HREF="">
> -         <TT></TT></A>.
> +         to the list, use <A HREF="">
> +         <TT></TT></A>.

<CODE> instead of <TT>.

Please also apply the libstdc++ change to libstdc++/docs in the gcc
module (where there are duplicates for some of these pages -- working
on that...)

Gerald "Jerry"

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