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Patch to add libstdc++ lists to lists.html

This patch adds the libstdc++ lists to the main GCC lists web page - as
libstdc++ is part of GCC and the lists apparently now work at
OK to commit?

If this is approved, I'll produce a patch to get rid of
libstdc++/mail.html (adjusting links and making it redirect to
lists.html), and submit some PRs for issues related to the move that
aren't simply fixable by patching web pages.  (Could we have GNATS
categories "lists" and "ftp" for issues with the mailing lists and the ftp
site - and I guess a category "gnats", for issues/requests such as this
relating to the GCC GNATS system, would be useful as well?)

Index: lists.html
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/lists.html,v
retrieving revision 1.51
diff -u -r1.51 lists.html
--- lists.html	2000/10/15 19:01:32	1.51
+++ lists.html	2000/12/01 21:23:25
@@ -40,6 +40,11 @@
   <li><b><a href="">
   gcc-testresults</a></b> is a moderate volume list where test results for
   the GCC compilers are posted.
+  <li><b><a href="">libstdc++</a></b>
+  is the main discussion and development list for the standard C++
+  library (libstdc++-v3).  Patches to libstdc++-v3 should be sent to
+  both this list and <b>gcc-patches</b>.</li>

 <p>Read only lists:</p>
@@ -53,6 +58,11 @@
   is a read-only, relatively high volume list which tracks checkins to the
   GCC CVS repository.

+  <li><b><a href="">libstdc++-cvs</a></b>
+  is a read-only, relatively low volume list which tracks checkins to
+  the libstdc++-v3 part of the GCC CVS repository.  This is a subset
+  of the messages to <b>gcc-cvs</b>.</li>
   <li><b><a href="">gcc-cvs-wwwdocs</a></b>
   is a read-only, relatively low volume list which tracks checkins to
   the GCC webpages CVS repository.
@@ -62,20 +72,25 @@
   results for the GCC compilers are posted.

+<p>Historical lists (archives only, no longer in use):</p>
+  <li><b><a href="">libstdc++-prs</a></b>
+  was formerly used for problem reports in the libstdc++-v3 GNATS
+  database.  libstdc++-v3 now uses the GCC GNATS database and the
+  <b>gcc-prs</b> list.</li>
 <p>To post a message, just send mail to <i>listname</i><tt></tt>.

 <p>There are also some related lists <tt></tt> for
-the Java compiler and the C++ standard library:</p>
+the Java compiler:</p>


 <li><a href="">GCJ mailing

-mailing lists</a></li>

 <h2><a name="msgsize">Policies</a></h2>
@@ -95,7 +110,10 @@
 <p>In addition to the web archives that are linked from the descriptions
 above, we also provide
 <a href="">mbox formatted
-archives of each mailing list</a>.
+archives of each mailing list</a>.  The <a
+href="">mbox formatted
+archives of the libstdc++ mailing lists</a> are at present in a
+separate directory.

 <!-- The server-side included form does not show up at mirrors, so refer
      to it by an explicit hostname to avoid confusion.  -->
@@ -122,6 +140,8 @@
    <option value="gcc-cvs">gcc-cvs
    <option value="gcc-cvs-wwwdocs">gcc-cvs-wwwdocs
    <option value="gcc-regression">gcc-regression
+   <option value="libstdc++">libstdc++
+   <option value="libstdc++-cvs">libstdc++-cvs
   Your e-mail address:
@@ -148,6 +168,12 @@
 who has said "I can't get off this list!  Unsubscribe me!" has found,
 with enough prodding, that sending mail to the address listed in
 <tt>List-Unsubscribe:</tt> does the trick.
+<p>For more info, and features of the mailing list software, please
+consult <a href="">the
+documentation page for and mailing


Joseph S. Myers

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