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Re: Couldn't build libstdc++ (configure fails)

On Fri, Dec 01, 2000 at 04:11:34AM -0600, Loren James Rittle wrote:
> Maurizio Loreti <> writes:
> In general (these are my own rules based on past observation):
> - Don't send all files from the testsuite directory. 
> - If you get a new port working or a port's status changes, then send
>   exactly one file after a build and 'make check' of libstdc++-v3.
>   Namely, testsuite/*-mkcheck.txt (if you have more than one that
>   matches that pattern, send the one with the latest date encoded into
>   the wildcard).

This is exactly correct.  Nearly all the files in the testsuite directory
are text files for use in the I/O tests.  {today's date}-mkcheck.txt is
the results summary; -mkchecklog.txt is all the errors produced while
compiling (you might want to look at those if you feel like debugging);
-mkcheckfiles.txt lists all the tests that are going to be run.

That last one can be really useful to tweak.  It only gets built if it
doesn't exist.  If you are only working on a few tests, edit that file
and remove all the other tests, then mkcheck will only do those few.
You can always blow away the entire builddir/testsuite directory and it
will be fully rebuilt the next time.


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