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Re: Reference Manual?

Ok. Read a whole bunch of threads about the topic. Let's summarize:

1. there is a lack of C++ documentation online
2. Marco Craveiro will start writing man-pages
3. as documentation on Class Libraries is for programmers, it should only
provide a fast way to find your information a short explanation (with usage
examples, if useful) and point you to the right headers and sources for in
depth requirements (easy, as we have open source)
4. man pages are going to die
5. gnu/info is going to die, too (and i dont like it), nobody will like to
learn the use of the info browser for quick finding your information, even 
for me, as I like using emacs
6. HTML is available from SGI an some others, but it's outdated by the
standard but is extensive
7. everybody knows, that there are many concurring documentation systems
on unix platforms, with differing quality on different topics.

Solution: Writing DocBook/XML Documentation, which is portable to all
platforms and can be converted to any output format. It may even provide the
central Database for all unix help systems. And why not starting implementing
this with the C++ Standard Library documentation?

It would be possible to implement browsable Class trees, browsing by
header, browsing by task (e.g. file operations, string operations), an index, and
a full text search.

There are some relating projects on sourceforge, but they are only partial
or specific solutions, and no yet too far in development. It's still
possible to merge. Only some organization is needed.

Hmmm. That hasn't to do too much with libstdc++ anymore. It's the more
general solution. But I'll start a new project on sourceforge.
...and another enthusiastic newbie will loose his life by not knowing
before what work he will burden.


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