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Re: Couldn't build libstdc++ (configure fails)

In article <>,
Maurizio Loreti <> writes:

[Since I know little of Linux... - all Linux-specific stuff removed.]

> In this moment I am performing a "make -k check", and I got:
> - build failures in 20_util/, 23_containers/,
>   23_containers/
> - run failures in 27_io/

"No problem": you have as good a build as anyone else does.  Those are
all known problems.

> However, I hope the previous info will be usefull to you; I may send the
> files in .../testsuite/, if you need them.

I suspect that there is no need for you to send a full testsuite
report since you are using the same platform as the primary developers
of libstdc++-v3. ;-)

In general (these are my own rules based on past observation):

- Don't send all files from the testsuite directory. 

- If you get a new port working or a port's status changes, then send
  exactly one file after a build and 'make check' of libstdc++-v3.
  Namely, testsuite/*-mkcheck.txt (if you have more than one that
  matches that pattern, send the one with the latest date encoded into
  the wildcard).

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