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Re: <fstream.h> does not seem to be working ....

Re: <string> - warning messages

[cygnus.egcs] Re: Annoying warning

[Fwd: Checklist update?]

Re: [nms.mail.egcs] Re: Announcing libstdc++-2.90.5

Re: [PATCH] Current CVS refuses to build under IRIX 6.5

Re: [PATCH] simplification of off64, fpos64, etc.

Re: __get_c_string

__normal_iterator conversion bug

Re: `>>' can't read what `<<' produced: NaNs and Inf

RE: actually, it's less (was RE: build more-or-less successful)

Re: Announcing libstdc++-2.90.3

Re: Announcing libstdc++-2.90.4

RE: Announcing libstdc++-2.90.5

Re: auto_ptr::reset patch

Re: backwards compatibility/cross-compiler compatibility

Re: Bad assertion in

Re: basic_ios::exceptions(iostate) patch

Re: basic_ios::fail() patch

Re: basic_ios::fail() question

Re: basic_streambuf<> and copying

Re: basic_string bug

basic_string/vector iterators


Re: basic_string<> - operator+

Re: basic_string<> - patch

Re: basic_string<>::_M_mutate - patch

Re: basic_string<>::_M_mutate - updated patch

Re: basic_string<>::max_size

Re: basic_string<>::max_size - only 1MB?

Re: basic_string<>::operator[] const

basic_string<>::reserve - patch

Re: basic_stringbuf<>::sync

RE: bitset ctor multiply defined

Re: BUG in libstdc++ ... libio ... pthreads

Re: BUG in libstdc++-2.8.1; also 2.90.4 (libio in combination with pthreads + sockets)

BUG in libstdc++-2.8.1; also 2.90.4 (libio in combination with pthreads + sockets)

Bug in stl_vector.h?

Re: BUG REPORT?: nan("") in cexp.c

bugreport:string again

Re: bugreport:string error

RE: build fails

Re: Build help

Re: build more-or-less successful

Re: C standard, wint_t, and stddef.h

Re: C++ <limits> header file

Re: C++ PATCH: Warn on deleting void *

RE: A C++ util library (Was: hey nice job...)

Re: c_log not defined

Re: Cannot download the snapshot

cerr, cout, and cin won't work under libstdc++ 2.90.4.

Re: cerr, cout, and cin won't work under libstdc++2.90.4.

Re: Checklist update

Checklist update?

Re: Compilation fails

Re: compile error in

Re: CVS problems

Re: DDuupplliiccaattee mmeessssaaggeess oonn tthhiiss lliisstt

docs dir redux was [Re: `>>' can't read what `<<']

Re: docs directory plan

Re: Duplicate messages on this list

Re: egcs-1.1.1 on FreeBSD-2.2.8 compile problems

Re: Extention headers



Re: Fixes lost after STL update

Re: Fixes lost after STL update (fwd)

Re: FreeBSD goes egcs

Re: fstream bits patch

fstream/ostream patch

hey nice job on the 21_strings HOWTO

hmm: codecvt problem

RE: How about basic_string<UTF-8> ?

Re: hpux10.20 works, kindof

Re: Hurd STL patch

Re: IBM Unicode code release

Re: ICE when building

re: insert_unique with hint bug

Re: install problem on irix

Re: ios_base patch (make some functions protected)

Re: Issues with RH6.0 and libstdc++

Re: istream.tcc not installed

Re: Iterators for basic_string/vector


libio in rewrite

RE: libstdc++ 2.90.5 and egcs 1.1.2

Re: libstdc++ current CVS refuses to compile on mips-sgi-irix-6.5

Re: libstdc++-2.90.4 and egcs-19990314 on i586-pc-linux-gnu

Re: libstdc++-2.90.5 Installation problem on Solaris2.6

RE: libstdc++2.90.5 braeks with egcs-1.1.2/linux

Re: locale/file/style questions

make error message

re: make error messages

Re: mknumericlimits now mandatory

RE: moneypunct problem

Re: moneypunct problem with egcs 1.1.2 and libstdc++-2.90.4

Re: more on the FAQ tip

more on the FAQ tip [Fwd: Where is String class?]

Re: More patches to CVS

Re: names clashes in bits/localefwd.h

New mailing list features, new mailing list address, same people.

No Subject

Re: num_get<>::_M_extract

Re:num_get<>::do_get (overflow/underflow - patch)

Re: num_get<>::do_get (overflow/underflow - question)

Re: num_get<>::do_get patch

Re: num_get<>::do_get patch (fixed version)

Re: num_get<>::do_get question


Re: num_put<>::do_put (appendix)

Re: ostringstream buffers

Re: ostringstream buffers (was Re: stringstream status)

RE: ostringstream not working?

Re: patch -- more fstream.tcc funkiness

Re: patch for

re: patch for && fstream/ostream patch

Patch: `>>' can't read what `<<' produced: NaNs and Inf

Re: PATCH: libio/streambuf.h

Re: PATCH:stl/stl_alloc.h triggers compiler warnings

Re: Patches to libio

Re: problem compiling on alphaev56-dec-osf4.0d

Problem compiling/using string

Re: Problems compiling

Re: Problems compiling libstd++-2.90.3 on Solaris 2.6

Re: Problems compiling libstdc++-2.90.3 on Solaris 2.6

Re: problems with

Re: refcounting basic_string<> and thread safety

Re: Revised patch

scribbles trying to build the current tree under solaris

Re: SGI STL 3.13

Re: SGI STL-3.2

re: snapshots

Re: software contribution / question

Re: some notes on installation with "-fnew-abi -fhonor-std"

Re: src/ and relationship to the SGI STL

Re: std_limits.h got zapped

Re: std_sstream.h - patch

Re: stl function.h


stl/bits/stl_range_errors.h missed

stl_deque.h:818: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned

stl_vector.h problem

Re: stl_vector.h problem - patch

stream buffers - 3 questions

Re: stringstream status

Re: stringstreams?

Re: strtoul etc.

Re: An suggested extension

Re: sync_with_stdio

Re: testcase correction

Re: this in

Re: this in - std_stream.h: my patch not necessary

Re: thoughts on making a libstdc++/doc directory

Re: Thread-safe libio

Re: Thread-safe libio [was Re: BUG in libstdc++ ... libio ... pthreads]

Re: Two small patches

RE: Unicode support for libstdc++ (was RE: How about basic_s

Unicode support for libstdc++ (was RE: How about basic_string<UTF-8> ?)

Re: Using libstdc++-2.90.4 with egcs 1.1.2


Re: vector algorithms and __normal_iterator

RE: vector/algorithm breaks iostream?

Re: venturing a bold question

woops, hit send too fast

Re: wrong files in libstdc++.a?

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