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Re: v3 feedback and questions

> I've downloaded the v3 and was able to compile it on cygwin32 using
> egcs1.1.  There were some required changes, understandable in a developers
> release. But I thought I'd see if you're set up to get feed back. A
> few questions:
> 1) Is anyone working on removing the libio.h dependencies? I was able
> to get it to compile by ferreting those things out, since I didn't have
> a libio.h handy.

We do want to comb out essential libio dependencies.  The goal is
to be able to use libio when it is present, but work without it when
it is not.

> 2) Do the values used from libio.h have to sync with anything else in
> the library? i.e. I made up values for certain flags.

Probably not.

> 3) Is this list the place to suggest changes/send patches? Or is there
> someone I can email to?

This is the place.

> 4) What about really minor things (for the perfectionist in us
> all...)? There were some other configure-related minor issues, like nan()
> taking no arguments on cygwin32, etc.

We may find it hard to incorporate portability patches at this
stage, but they will certainly become interesting later.  Those
that we can test and run without running Cygwin32 are interesting 
now.  Those that introduce what we must for now consider "dead code"
might have to wait, because they are subject to code rot.

Nathan Myers