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Re: Fr: DESIGN Doc.

Kevin wrote: 
> > Nonstandard Extensions
> > ----------------------
> > Headers: <iostream.h> <hash> <rbtree> <pthread_alloc> <stdiobuf>
> May I strongly suggest <strstream.h> be added to that list as 
> the new <stringstream> is diffrent in more ways than one. At least I 
> think it is.....

Very different.
When we get the (standard but deprecated) <strstream> added, 
we will certainly also add <strstream.h> into g++-v3/backward/.

BTW, when you use these subdirectories (ext, backward) you can add
"-I", but you can also say '#include <backward/strstream.h>' or
'#include <ext/hash_map>', and that's probably better for new code.

Nathan Myers