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Re: tasks and sequences

Jeff Anton wrote:
> I'm interested in MT support and some tests of MT operation
> of the library.  MT support is mentioned as a TODO and in
> my experience it is better done early than late or else the
> new code doesn't help the MT work later.
> Maybe a clear itemized list of TODOs which can be handed out
> or rather signed on for would be a good thing to make clear.

Your participation will be very welcome.

Fortunately there are only a few places in the library affected by
MT support:

  Memory allocation/deallocation.
  Reference-counting in locales.
  Reference-counting in locale facets.
  Reference-counting in strings.
  Streambuf locking in istream/ostream::sentry objects.

Most places where particular attention is needed are marked "XXX MT",
although places where atomic reads are probably needed are generally
not so marked.

Nathan Myers