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RE: what am I doing wrong?

> > I'm trying to install and use the 2.90.1 snapshot, purely because the
> That snapshot isn't really intended for use, just for inspection.

Oh, okay.  Are there snapshots of the changes made since then, or are those 
too unstable to call them snapshots?  I'm trying to find some area of the 
library that I feel knowledgeable enough to contribute to that hasn't already 
been finished.

> The most elegant way I know of to copy a file is
>   OUT << IN.rdbuf();

Holy cow, I didn't even know there were extractors/inserters taking a 
streambuf* until now.... (I know, I know, I need to read that section of the 
IS more often; I keep getting bogged down in details.)

As a recent graduate, what I really regret is that none of this is ever 
taught to students.  I still see TAs handing out examples of source code that 
#define BOOLEAN int, "because C++ doesn't have a Boolean data type."  We get 
wonderful theory, but little tools for practice.  The vast majority of what I 
know of Standard C++ is self-taught from reading CD2.

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