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Re: stdexcept-implementation

[apologies for those who see this twice.]

Ryszard Kabatek wrote:

> BTW. 1. The string class contains a member function:
>          const allocator_type& get_allocator() const;
>        But CD2 says:
>          allocator_type get_allocator() const;
> On I just read the
> get_allocator member function of std::string has been removed. 

Unfortunately, the Dinkumware page contains many errors.
Here is what the standard says (21.3.6):

   allocator_type get_allocator() const;
   -5- Returns: a copy of the Allocator object used to construct the

I don't know where Plauger gets the idea that it has been removed.

Thank you for the bug reports.

Nathan Myers