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Re: Has anyone tried building for Windows?

On 31 July 2015 at 08:14, Mukul Sabharwal <mjsabby@gmail.com> wrote:
> For GCCSharp [https://github.com/mjsabby/GCCSharp], I did get GCC with
> the JIT frontend working* but with modifications. I've been wanting to
> tell Dave about them, so here is the very short list:
> (1) `fchmod` in playback::compile_to_file::copy_file isn't supported
> on MinGW - maybe put this behind an ifdef?
> (2) `dlopen` and dl* family of things in
> playback::context::dlopen_built_dso - again, on MinGW toolset this
> isn't available. Since this is not essential to the JIT API, maybe
> also make this something a user can opt out of?
> So, the working* in my case was essentially generating .S files
> If there is an interest in having a LIBGCCJIT.DLL built with these
> modifications, I can certainly make a GitHub repo with some sort of
> binary and source drops.

Hi Mukul

That would be great - I am very interested in having libgccjit working
on Windows so that I can get Ravi using it. Please would you also post
instructions on how you built it?

Many thanks