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GCC SC request about ecj

Andrew Haley and I had a long talk about gcj and the eclipse java
compiler (we call it "ecj" for short) while we were at FOSDEM last
week.  We concluded that we didn't foresee any serious technical
problems with using ecj as the java language front end to gcj, and
that we would like to move forward with this approach.

Naturally we would do the work on a branch and it would be subjected
to the normal review processes, etc, before any merge to the trunk.

However, we wanted to get a ruling on our plan from the steering
committee before proceeding.  It would be inefficient to put a lot of
work into this if it were later found to be politically or legally

In particular we would like to import a copy of the ecj sources into
the GCC source tree, so that we can continue to deliver a complete
compiler system in a single download.

So, could the SC please discuss the ecj plan and let us know whether
it is acceptable?  It would also be helpful to have some idea of how
long the discussion might take.


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