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Re: RFC: stack trace generation

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Haley <> writes:

Andrew> Casey Marshall writes:

>> What I was more interested in was changing the file/line lookup
>> code in NameFinder, and whether or not a shared library DWARF-2
>> parser would be a part of that. I've improved what I posted earlier
>> a great deal, so it is not unreasonably slow, and produces fairly
>> accurate debug traces.

Andrew> My first reaction to this is that I'm a bit reluctant to put
Andrew> DWARF2 parsing into libgcj, but if that's agreed by common
Andrew> consent to be a good solution I won't argue.

I think I recall seeing a message to the effect that libgcj should
have something like this, but had to do it without using things (like
libbfd) that have incompatible licenses.

Andrew> However, if we can fix this PLT problem with a change to gcc I
Andrew> believe that the reflection metadata was is the right way to
Andrew> go.  To a large extend the DWARF debug info and the reflection
Andrew> metadata are redundant, but we support metadata on every
Andrew> target and DWARF info on only some of them.

In that case I'd rather see the metadata be used instead of this,
which is admittedly rather hairy and convoluted. In the meantime I
will be doing it this way.

What are the current issues then, and what does PLT stand for? I'd
like to understand better what you mean.

Casey Marshall ||

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