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Re: [gmane.comp.gcc.devel] ANN: Merge of tree-ssa into mainline

Tom Tromey wrote:
> FYI, the trunk is frozen while Diego merges in tree-ssa.

...and now the merge is over and the trunk is open again.

Many thanks to Jeff and Andrew for ensuring that
GCJ starts off as a first class citizen of the brave
new world of Tree-SSA and in also helping fix libjava
regressions in tree-ssa just prior to the merge.

My regular i686-pc-linux-gnu bootstrap time has gone
slightly up after the merge - from an average of
40m (c,c++,java) to 48m.

There are no libjava testsuite regressions but Jacks
shows an improvement - 30(!) XPASSes and 5 FAILs:

XPASS: 15.14.1-final-2
XPASS: 15.14.1-final-3
XPASS: 15.14.2-final-2
XPASS: 15.14.2-final-3
XPASS: 15.15.1-final-2
XPASS: 15.15.1-final-3
XPASS: 15.15.2-final-2
XPASS: 15.15.2-final-3
XPASS: 15.21-equal-3
XPASS: 16.1.7-compound-definite-unassignment-fail-1
XPASS: 16.1.7-simple-definite-unassignment-fail-1
XPASS: 16.1.8-definite-unassign-fail-1
XPASS: 16.1.8-definite-unassign-fail-2
XPASS: 16.1.8-definite-unassign-fail-3
XPASS: 16.1.8-definite-unassign-fail-4
XPASS: 16.2.10-definite-unassign-fail-6
XPASS: 16.2.10-definite-unassign-fail-7
XPASS: 16.2.10-definite-unassign-fail-8
XPASS: 16.2.10-definite-unassign-fail-9
XPASS: 16.2.11-definite-unassign-fail-7
XPASS: 16.2.11-definite-unassign-fail-8
XPASS: 16.2.11-definite-unassign-fail-9
XPASS: 16.2.7-final-4
XPASS: 16.2.7-final-6
XPASS: 16.2.9-definite-unassign-fail-5
XPASS: 16.2.9-definite-unassign-fail-6
XPASS: 16.2.9-definite-unassign-fail-7
XPASS: 16.8-constructor-6
XPASS: 16.8-constructor-7
XPASS: 9.2-implicit-4

(The last one had surfaced even before the merge, BTW.)

FAIL: 16.1.7-simple-definite-unassignment-pass-1
FAIL: 16.2.10-definite-unassign-pass-3
FAIL: 16.2.11-definite-unassign-pass-3
FAIL: 16.2.9-definite-unassign-pass-3
FAIL: non-jls-jsr41.2-nesting-1

Thanks once again guys,

Ranjit Mathew          Email: rmathew AT gmail DOT com

Bangalore, INDIA.      Web:

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