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I love it when a plan comes together (GCJ, Eclipse and Gnome!)

Hi all,

After finally getting the latest Eclipse 3.0 M4 working with gij
I tried to get the java-gnome bindings
and the eclipse java-gnome plugin wizard
all working together.

I was pleasantly surprized that the latest 0.8 java-gnome bindings are
already packeged for Debian:

libglade0-java - Java support for libglade gnome interface
libgnome0-java - Java framework for creating GNOME applications
libgnome0-jni - Java framework for creating GNOME applications
libgtk0-java - Gtk framework for Java
libgtk0-jni - GTK framework for Java

After installing these, and unzipping the plugin in my fresh eclipse
install directory everything worked out of the box!
(Almost, you do have to get gij with eclipse working as described in the
email referenced above, which is a bit of a pain currently. And the
libraries that the java-gnome plugin wizard wants are in /usr/lib/jni
and /usr/share/java on a Debian system.)

Now that we have a completely free java-like toolchain and IDE for
creating Gnome applications, nothing stands in the way of world
domination! Muhawaha!

When we have accomplished world domination I will retire and finally
resume work on the Hunting of the Snark project ;-)
(Note, that is an experimental frontend using the old java-gnome
bindings, will try the new version soon.)

Thanks Gnome hackers, Thanks Eclipse hackers, Thanks Classpath hackers,
Thanks Debian hackers, Thanks Java-Gnome hackers, Thanks GCJ hackers,
Thank GNU!


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