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Re: RE: attempt to send plain text email.

>Urgh. OK. I will let this thing build on my win2k box and see what happens.
>Otherwise I'll go for a redhat distro. It should work on any of the linux
>distro's right? I have mandrake installed on another box.

Hi People. I don't want to start a religious war, but I can't help
myself here: I'm pretty gung-ho about this stuff, but far from an
expert. If you're interested in a somewhat masochistic intellectual
exercise, you can try building GCC 3.3 on Windows. I'm about 6 hours
into my current attempt on WinXP and have no idea how it's going to end.

(BTW: by "on Windows", I mean under MingW. I have successfully built a
cross compiler on Cygwin, but also found the build slow. I updated
John Murga's scripts to do this:
but I found the process exceedingly slow compared to the Linux build.
Maybe it's just my machine.)

As Ranjit mentioned here:

building GCC on MingW is not an easy task. Contrast this to the
speed (~3 hours) at which I can build the cross-compiler and native
compiler on Linux and it is no contest. Coincidentally, my Linux
build PC is the same as Ranjit mentioned: a PII 450Mhz with 256MB.
For those of you who live in the United States: I bought this on EBay
for $129, including shipping. The OS (RedHat 8.0) didn't cost me a dime.
(Sorry Tom: I didn't buy the boxed version. Does trying to help out with
GCC count for something? ;) )

>My impression is that getting the Windows version built is still not
>entirely trivial.  For instance it appears to need some patches which
>aren't yet part of the stock gcc.  I'd imagine that eventually this
>situation will change.

Thanks to people like Ranjit and Adam, and all the GCC gurus who
give us guidance, we'll get there eventually!

-- Mohan

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