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Re: generic type support

Tom Tromey wrote:
"Geert" == Geert Bevin <gbevin at uwyn dot com> writes:

Geert> I know that generic types are only planned to be included in the Sun Geert> JDK as of release 1.5. However with the current develop preview JSR-14 Geert> implementation it's already possible to comfortably use the language Geert> extension currently and apparently many already do so. Are there any Geert> plans to support for this in gcj?

As far as I know, nobody is working on this.
We'd definitely be interested in an implementation.

And it will be difficult. I spent an entire semester working on adding the starts of supporting generics in jikes, and only got generic classes partially working (well, the hardest part of that was rewriting the proposed grammar in an LALR(1) form). Generic methods is another step that I would love to get working as well, but I don't have time this semester if I want to graduate. Then there are plans for type-safe enumerations, autoboxing of primitives, a foreach construct ("for (String s : list) {...}" replacing "for (Iterator i = list.iterator(); list.hasNext(); ) { String s = (String); ...}". So there are a lot of proposed front-end changes in the upcoming JDK 1.5 - JSR 14 and 201.

And there are bytecode changes proposed as well - such as increasing limitations in the .class file to allow things such as more than 64k bytes per method, and allowing CONSTANT_Class info structures to be compile time constants like CONSTANT_Strings - JSR 202. Gcj would need to be taught about the available extensions, and the interpreter would need to be updated to accept them.

The gcj .java front end needs serious work. Sometimes I daydream about somehow using the jikes front end instead; that might be the most efficient route to fixing all our bugs :-/


Using jikes as a front end might work - if you can figure out how to convert the type information associated with its abstract syntax tree into the tree structure that the gcc backend expects. But licensing is a different issue, as jikes is NOT GPL'd, but IBM open source license.

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