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Re: Applications

"Boehm, Hans" wrote:

> Another small one that has helped me find some bugs in the past is the
> constructive reals calculator I wrote at SGI.  (Now at
> ) Both the included
> (small) test program and the command line version (added at HP) should build
> with gcj from .class files.  Eventually they should build from sources.  (I
> believe there were problems with inner classes in the past.  I haven't tried
> very recently.)

FYI, it compiles fine from source, except for the CRCalc class (due to a few
missing AWT bits and incorrect complaints about finals which may just be a side
effect of the missing classes):

$ gcj com/sgi/math/*.java -O2 --main=rpn_calc

and seems to basically work:

$ ./a.out
2 3 +
9481923 223 /

But the TestCR crashes. Seems it gets stuck in an infinate loop between these
two calls:

#11 0x08050f5d in
com.sgi.math.CR) (this=0x81c2078,
    this$0=0x818eab0, x=0x80aeb58) at com/sgi/math/
#12 0x0805185a in
(this=0x818eab0, x=0x80aeb58)
    at com/sgi/math/

gij runs it correctly on class files produced by javac, so there could be a
miscompilation somewhere...


  [ bryce ]

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