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Java Mailing Lists and Web Pages

Today I moved all the Java mailing lists and I fixed up the web
pages.  Here are some details:

* The primary mailing list is now `'.  This is the old
  java-discuss mailing list.  The old name will continue to work for a
  while, but we urge you to use the new address.  Please update your
  address databases.

* The java-announce, java-patches, java-prs, and java-cvs mailing
  lists all moved to  The old addresses still work (but
  see above), except for java-announce.  I didn't see any point in
  keeping this working at the old address as it is a rarely-used
  moderated list.

* I deleted the java-webpages-cvs, java-testresults, and
  java-maintainers lists.

* The web pages have completely moved to
  They are mostly updated to reflect the new reality, though I'm sure
  there are bugs (and I still have a to-do list for this stuff which
  I'm working through).

* The old web pages at now simply
  redirect to the gcc pages.

If you find mailing list problems please report them to me and I will
fix them asap.  For web page bugs, please report them to the gcc bug
list as usual.


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