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[BC ABI] Check that we loaded the right class

[BC ABI] Fix generation of type verification assertions

[BC ABI] Fix type signature used in verification

[BC ABI] For entertainment purposes only: gcj-JIT

[BC ABI] New patches on branch

[BC ABI] Type assertions

[BC ABI] Use PARM_DECLs preferentially

[BC] Patch: FYI: access check without initialization

[BC] Patch: FYI: access checks for overriding

[BC] Patch: FYI: API tweaks, class layout fixlet

[BC] Patch: FYI: cleanup

[BC] Patch: FYI: Class preparation rewrite

[BC] Patch: FYI: fix mauve-libgcj

[BC] Patch: FYI: FIXME consolidation

[BC] Patch: FYI: indentation fix

[BC] Patch: FYI: compilation

[BC] Patch: FYI: no more COMPACT_FIELDS

[BC] Patch: FYI: override the CodeSource location

[BC] Patch: FYI: prepare target class

[BC] Patch: FYI: remove method deferment

[BC] Patch: FYI: Remove StringClass

[BC] Patch: FYI: rename _Jv_Resolver

[big patch] import/merge crypto patch from classpath

[boehm-gc] Fix invalid assignment.

[Bug java/17733] class read for the second time

[Comitted] Fix powerpc-apple-darwin bootstrap

[commited patch] libffi darwin cleanup.

[commited patch] libffi testsuite cleanup

[commited] Added gcjwebplugin to java/done.html

[commited] configure update in gcc_update

[committed] Clean up libjava configure

[committed] Conversion of libjava to autoconf 2.59

[committed] Cosmetic changes to libjava/

[committed] Do things more 'autoconfily' in

[committed] Fix parallel build problem

[committed] Get libjava using target_noncanonical

[committed] More cleanup of libjava/

[committed] more small cleanups of

[committed] Regenerate autofiles with right tool versions

[committed] trivial boehm-gc configury cleanups

[committed] Use build_noncanonical in

Re: [cp-patches] Patch: PrivilegedAction helper classes

[gu] Patch: javax.swing - JTable and JTree

[gui] [PATCH] Fix ActionEvent dispatching to MenuShortcuts

[gui] [PATCH] Fix FileDialog's initial size

[gui] [PATCH] Fix GtkTextComponentPeer's setCaretPosition()

[gui] [PATCH] Fixes to MemoryImageSource

[gui] [PATCH] Implement GtkFileDialogPeer.setFilenameFilter()

[gui] [PATCH] Implement GtkFramePeer.setIconImage()

[gui] [PATCH] Migrate java.awt.Choice native peer to GtkComboBox

[gui] [PATCH] Migrating FileDialog's native peer to useGtkFileChooserDialog

[gui] [PATCH] PR AWT/17059 Fix MenuBar.setHelpMenu()

[gui] [PATCH] PR AWT/17156 Implement MenuItemPeer.setEnabled()

[gui] [PATCH] ScrollPane fixes

[gui] Add ComponentColorModel constructor

[gui] Add IndexColorModel constructor

[gui] Add IndexColorModel docs

[gui] Add IndexColorModel methods

[gui] Add missing exception to SinglePixelPackedSampleModel

[gui] Add missing IndexColorModel methods

[gui] ColorModel doc update

[GUI] fixes for JMenuBar and JToolBar layout

[gui] Fixlets/Workarounds for JFreeChart

[gui] GdkPixbufDecoder JNIEnv fix proposal (PR/16824)

[gui] Implement BandedSampleModel

[gui] Implement missing ColorModel.getDataElement.

[gui] Implement missing Raster function.

[gui] Implement

[gui] Implement Raster.createPackedRaster()

[gui] Implement Raster.numBands

[gui] Implement RescaleOp

[gui] Patch: FYI: Rename helper class

[gui] Patch: javax.swing

[gui] Patch: javax.swing - InputMap and ActionMap

[gui] Patch: javax.swing - reformatted

[gui] Patch: javax.swing patch: overall

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.AbstractButton

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.DefaultListSelectionModel

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.JMenuItem

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.JTextArea

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.LookAndFeel

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.plaf.basic

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicButtonUI

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicTextUI

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicToolBarUI

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.table

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.text

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.text views

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.text.AbstractDocument

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.text.Position.Bias

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.text.Segment and its handling

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.text.Utilities

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.text.Utilitites

[gui] Patch: javax.swing.TransferHandler and javax.swing.plaf.basic.ComboPopup

[gui] Patch: javx.swing.text - text field highlighting

[gui] Patch: some swing fixes

[gui][merge] last merge before stage 3

[gui][patch] add javax.swing.text attribute management stuff

[gui][PATCH] allow Panels to become focused

[gui][PATCH] AWT menu fixes

[gui][patch] bringing the swing keyboard system to life

[gui][patch] ByteLookupTable and ShortLookupTable

[gui][patch] color chooser fixes

[gui][PATCH] Commit hash synchronization fix

[gui][PATCH] Couple fixes for JColorChooser and JTabbedPane

[gui][PATCH] Document AWT 1.0 event methods

[gui][PATCH] Eliminate some gthread-jni.c compiler warnings

[gui][PATCH] Fix errors found by jikes

[gui][patch] fix for bug 16280

[gui][patch] fix for bug 16495

[gui][patch] fix for bug 16576

[gui][patch] fix jcomponent action reset

[gui][patch] Fix JSlider track painting

[gui][patch] fix to button group logic

[gui][patch] fixes for

[gui][PATCH] Fixes for EventHandling

[gui][patch] fixes to 3 of the swing panes

[gui][PATCH] Fixing the BasicArrowButtons

[gui][PATCH] GdkGraphics fixes

[gui][PATCH] give GtkPanelPeer the GTK focus

[gui][PATCH] GtkTextFieldPeer: fix PR 16680

[gui][PATCH] Implement AWT 1.0 event model

[gui][PATCH] Implementation of JColorChooser

[gui][PATCH] Implementation of JToolTip.

[gui][PATCH] Implementation of MenuDragMouseEvents

[gui][PATCH] InternalFrame Dialogs for JOptionPane and other fixes

[gui][PATCH] Javadocs for menu components

[gui][PATCH] JComboBox - mouse drag events

[gui][PATCH] JToolBar and some other things

Re: [gui][PATCH] JWindow without an owner



[gui][patch] monthly merge from java-gui-branch

[gui][PATCH] More AWT menu fixes

[gui][PATCH] More fixes to menu related components

[gui][PATCH] pixbuf macro fix

[gui][PATCH] prevent Panel from being painted twice when it isfirst shown

[gui][PATCH] remove GtkArg

[gui][PATCH] Remove GtkFramePeer.gtkFixedMove

[gui][PATCH] Remove library information from

[gui][PATCH] Rework peer code

Re: [gui][PATCH] some peer fixes

[gui][patch] some work on jtable

[gui][patch] and (was Re: SpringLayout)

[gui][PATCH] use empty string for buttons without labels

[gui][PATCH] Use new button and modifier masks

[gui][PATCH] Use RootLayout to set glasspane sizes

[gui][PATCH] Various fixes to JComboBox

[gui][patch] various fixes to scrolling

[gui][PATCH] window focus fixes

[java patch] substitute target_noncanonical

[Java,Committed] Replace build with buildN in parse.y

[Java] Call "fold" in convert_ieee_real_to_integer

[java] Convert Java options to use Var() initialization

[JAVA] Convert java/expr.c from build to buildN

[Java] Replace build with buildN in gcj front-end

[libjava patch] fix bootstrap failure with --enable-java-awt=gtk

[obvious] Fix syntax for ACDEFINE(LIBGCJ_GC_DEBUG ...

[OT] files-per-line (Was: Re: Patch: cleanup)

[patch commited] remove whitespaces in

[PATCH ping] [fastjar] implement `-u'

[patch proposal] mark GCJ local code

[PATCH/RFC] Enable java on sh64-linux

[PATCH/RFC] Enable java on sh64-linux (Take 2)

[PATCH] [Java]: Include coretypes.h, jcf-.h in win32-host.c

Re: [PATCH] [fastjar] implement `-u'

[PATCH] [Java]: Build a new Java-specific ggc-none.c

[PATCH] [Java]: Create a new Java-specific ggc-none.c

[PATCH] [MinGW] [Committed]: Remove static local in

[PATCH] [MinGW] [Committed]: Win32 Threading Fixes for PR/14751

[Patch] AWT Accessibility Patch

[patch] boehm-gc include for solaris

[Patch] boehm-gc/win32_threads.c: Get configuration defines

[patch] classpath merge 2

[patch] classpath merge 3

[patch] classpath merge 4

[patch] classpath merge 5

[patch] classpath merge 6

[patch] classpath merge 7 java/rmi/server/

[patch] classpath merge 8 gnu/java/security/util/

[patch] classpath merge 9 java/text/

[patch] commited image processing fix for BE machine

[patch] commited GtkMainThread.c

[patch] commited remove duplicated copyright string

[patch] commited, doc fix and merge.

[patch] Conversion of libjava to autoconf 2.59 (cross testing wanted)

[Patch] doc fixes

[patch] doc merge from classpath

[PATCH] DWARF-2 .debug_line reader

Re: [PATCH] DWARF-2 unwinder off-by-one problem with signal frames

[PATCH] Fix CLASSPATH separator on MinGW.

[patch] fix CNI header gen for xlib peers

Re: [patch] Fix declaration of BeanInfo constants

[Patch] merging

[Patch] fixes

[patch] HACKING: remove automake ref

[patch] image processing fix for BE machine

[PATCH] implement

[patch] jacks xfails and tclsh

[Patch] java.applet cleanup

[Patch] java.awt - coding style fixes

[Patch] java.awt.Component fix

[Patch] java.awt.geom.* merged

[Patch] java.awt.image.DataBuffer*

[Patch] java.awt.KeyboardFocusManager

[Patch] java.awt.SystemColor @link fixups

[Patch] java.beans

[patch] java.beans.EventHandler

[Patch] - serialization fixes




[Patch] java.lang.ClassLoader

[Patch] - URL stuff


[Patch] - one more fix

[Patch] - use system class loader

[Patch] fixes

[Patch] java.text.MessageFormat

[Patch] java.util.Collections

[Patch] java.util.PropertyPermissionCollection

[Patch] java/lang/

[Patch] javax.crypto.MacSpi


[Patch] javax.swing.JRadioButton

[Patch] javax.swing.JTextArea

[Patch] javax.swing.JToggleButton

[patch] libffi longdouble for darwin

[patch] libffi ppc cleanup

[patch] libgcj enable hash_syncronization & pthread_slow on darwin

[Patch] libjava automake update

[patch] merge from classpath

[patch] merge from classpath hashcode implementation for nio

[patch] merge from classpath java.util.TreeMap

[patch] merge from classpath java/net/Socket

[patch] merge from classpath

[patch] merge from classpath

[patch] merge from classpath: java/io/ObjectInputStream/StreamClass

[Patch] Patch for AWT menu accessibility

[PATCH] PR 9677 gcc-3.4.1-20040715-crazypaths.patch

Re: [PATCH] PR 9677 gcc-3.4.1-20040715-crazypaths.patch

[patch] Remove possible null dereferences.

[PATCH] rename jar, rmic and rmiregistry

[Patch] RenderingHints documentation and bug fixes

[PATCH] support security.manager property

[PATCH]: Conditionally reintroduce config.h to ggc-none.c

[PATCH]: Destroy join sync objects in finalizer

[Patch][gui] java.awt.Window

[Patch][gui] javax.swing

[Patch][gui] javax.swing.JTable

[PATCH][RFA] Reap children on stack trace generation.

[patch| add missing dependecies for lib-org-ietf-jgss

[RFA] New tests for java.lang.Process

[RFA] Patch: Fix PosixProcess / PR libgcj 11801

[RFT/RFC] Fix PosixProcess / PR libgcj 11801...

[wwwdocs] fix date in java index.html

[wwwdocs] gen-classpath-compare patch

Re: [wwwdocs] Mention gui branch compare and new security packages on gcj page

[wwwdocs] Mention gui branch compare and new security packages ongcj page

RE: Avoid function call with JVMPI enabled

Boehm-gc porting

Re: Bootstrap difficulties on powerpc-apple-darwin6.8 (Mac OS X 10.2.8)

Re: bootstrap failure in libjava

C++ bootstrap (part 7/n): Rename `class' to `cl' everywhere.

Fw: caricature

Cleanup some switch expanding code and leftovers from RTL EH

Re: Conflicting JNI function decls

Embedded gij questions

Fw: farthest

fastjar: Fix PR 16472

fastjar: Small _chsize/ftruncate fix

Fw: father

fireing property changes

Fix declaration after statement in java/parse.y (C99 vs. C90)

Follow up : embedded main args

Follow up : Serious bug in _Jv_InitPrimClass -- more of a procedural thing

RE: fprintf, stderr undeclared

Fri, 23 Jul 2004 12:37:43 -0600

FYI [gui] Add java.awt.geom fixes and Area from GNU Classpath

FYI [gui] Add support for scaling pixmaps

FYI [gui] gtk MenuPeer tearoff support

FYI [gui] GtkComponentPeer compile fixlet from GNU Classpath

FYI [gui] GtkToolkit cleanup patchlet

FYI [gui] import fixlet

FYI [gui] Make EventQueue.postEvent(null) fail fast

FYI [gui] merge EmbeddedWindow patches from HEAD

FYI: 3.4 branch - Re: ServerSocket::accept

FYI: [gui] Add fill/draw roundRect from GNU Classpath

FYI: [gui] Add SpinnerListModel and documentation from GNUClasspath

FYI: [gui] Another import fixlet merge with GNU Classpath

FYI: [gui] API documentation fixes from GNU Classpath

FYI: [gui] Build cleanup merge with GNU Classpath

FYI: [gui] Compile fix for javax/swing/

FYI: [gui] GdkGraphics2D.c and GdkClasspathFontPeerMetrics.ccleanups

FYI: [gui] Import fixlets merge with GNU Classpath

FYI: [gui] java.awt.geeom merge with GNU Classpath

FYI: [gui] Kernel.clone() fix from GNU Classpath

FYI: [gui] More swing final fields patches from GNU Classpath

FYI: [gui] Rectangle fixlet.

FYI: [gui] serialver updates from GNU Classpath

FYI: [gui] some reindentations from GNU Classpath

FYI: [gui] Swing final fields patch from GNU Classpath

FYI: Avoid function call with JVMPI enabled

FYI: configure changes for GC merge

FYI: Fix autoconf warning

FYI: Fix InetAddress.getByName and loopback issues

FYI: Fix PR 17020

FYI: Fix PR 17081

FYI: Fix warning

FYI: Fix serialization bug

FYI: tweaks

FYI: Use correct lock for chained writers

FYI: java.sql.Timestamp thread-safety fix

FYI: java.sql.Timestamp: fix PR 16574

FYI: Java: make_local_function_alias buffer size

FYI: Merge GC 6.3

FYI: Patch:

FYI: Patch:

FYI: Patch: import cleanups

FYI: Patch: java.util - javadoc fixes

FYI: PR 15713 - aliasing


FYI: PR libgcj/17079 - java.util.logging.Handler.isLoggable() fix

FYI: Proxy remerge with GNU Classpath

FYI: Small Socket clean-up

FYI: Some security fixes from GNU Classpath

FYI: Thread.holdsLock() test case

FYI: Threads test tweaks

FYI: Throwable initialization and security check fixups from GNUClasspath

FYI: TimeZone/VMTimeZone split integrated from GNU Classpath

FYI: Two tiny cleanups

FYI: Update GTK version requirement

FYI: Update NEWS


FYI: URLConnection date parsing

FYI: URLStreamHandler bugfix from GNU Classpath

Garbage collection & implicit delete operator in destructor catch-22

GC / GCJ / and binutils (ld)

GC_DEBUG patch, again

Re: GCC build of HEAD failed for native with your patch on 2004-07-06T18:32:38Z.

Re: GCJ / libjava 'debug' build -O0


GUI: Simplify InputMap handling

Hash synchronization (PR 16662) patch

HAVE_SOCKET_H default in GCC 3.3.1

http.agent patch

Implementation of JComboBox

implemented javax.swing.BoxLayout

Re: improve type safety wrt unsignedness for java

IRC <-> mailinglist (Re: [GUI] fixes for JMenuBar and JToolBarlayout)

Java patch ping

Java: [gcjh] Fix PR 16474

Java: Clean up java_gimplify_new_array_init

Java: Fix PR 16701

Java: Fix TYPE_BINFO regression

Java: Local function pointer aliases for method metadata


libffi patch: x86_64 stack args incorrectly aligned

RE: Merge GC 6.3

New mailinglist classpath-patches

Not really Re: PR java/17689 [4.0 Regression] New testsuite failures indicatesignal unwinding is broken

Re: Not really Re: PR java/17689 [4.0 Regression] New testsuitefailures indicate signal unwinding is broken

Patch (Java): [committed] Minor Formatting Fixes To verify.c

PATCH make _Jv_Uf8Const a class;

Patch Ping...

Patch ping: MIPS ffi=o32 patch...

Re: PATCH to add -verbose:class flag

Re: PATCH to build libgij

PATCH to Collections.sort

PATCH to conditionalize signal handling

PATCH to process_gcj_properties

Patch to remove unused langhooks

PATCH to tweak -verbose:clas behavior

Patch: automake 1.9 update for libgcj

Re: Patch: automake 1.9 update for libgcj - second iteration

Patch: automake update for libjava/libltdl

Patch: BasicPermission constructor

Patch: bootstrap fix

Patch: Bootstrapping problem with GTK peer

PATCH: Canonicalize NaNs in bytecode files

Patch: cleanup in

Patch: close I/O channels when a process ends

Patch: cleanup

Patch: to renaming

Patch: convert protocol to lower case in constructor

Patch: embedded window extension

Patch: enable debugging info when byte compiling

Patch: even more cleanups

Patch: file truncation

Patch: File(URI) constructor.

PATCH: Fix include/mips-signal.h copyright.

Patch: Fix libgcj dependencies - PR 17290

Patch: FYI: automated libgcj/classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: BasicMenuUI

Patch: FYI: Calendar.newInstance() optimization

Patch: FYI: Change getBundle() arguments

Patch: FYI: cleanup

Patch: FYI: Exception cleanup in gnu.gcj.runtime.VMClassLoader

Patch: FYI: fastjar -x bug fix

Patch: FYI: Fix bogus test cases

Patch: FYI: fix for PR java/17575

Patch: FYI: Fix PR 7587 - interpreter thread safety

Patch: FYI: Fix PR libgcj/14446

Patch: FYI: fixlet for gen-classpath-compare

Patch: FYI: indentation fixlet

Patch: FYI: java.util.Locale

Patch: FYI: java.util.ResourceBundle

Patch: FYI: javax.naming.CompoundName serialization fixlet

Patch: FYI: formatting fixlet

Patch: FYI: reindentation

Patch: FYI: libgcj/classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: Locale: Intern strings from object stream

Patch: FYI: nightly comparisons of GUI branch

Patch: FYI: PR libgcj/16869

Patch: FYI: PR libgcj/17222

Patch: FYI: PR libgcj/17715

Patch: FYI: PR libgcj/6182

Patch: FYI: Update jacks.xfail

Patch: FYI: updated expected diffs

Patch: FYI: xlib peer update to get sixlegs PNG decoder to work






Patch: gnu.regexp.CharIndexedInputStream

Patch: Implement URLContentHandler for images

Patch: java.awt.event.InvocationEvent



Patch: java.lang.String

Patch: java.lang.System - typo in javadoc

Patch: fixes


Patch: java.nio

Patch: java.nio - classpath fixes merged

Patch: - javadocs


Patch: java.text.CollationElementIterator

Patch: java.text.DateFormat

Patch: java.text.MessageFormat

Patch: java.text.RuleBasedCollator


Patch: merging

Patch: Java: Fix PR 8618

Patch: javax.imageio - new files

Patch: javax.swing

Patch: javax.swing - all over

Patch: javax.swing - JApplet and JFrame

Patch: javax.swing - javadoc fixes

Patch: javax.swing - random improvements

Patch: javax.swing.

Patch: javax.swing.AbstractButton

Patch: javax.swing.InputVerifier

Patch: javax.swing.JComponent

Patch: javax.swing.JSpinner

Patch: javax.swing.JTextArea

Patch: javax.swing.plaf.basic - adding copyrigh notices

Patch: javax.swing.SpinnerNumberModel

Patch: javax.swing.text - the caret patch

Patch: JPasswordField

Patch: JSpinner and friends

Re: PATCH: libffi: improvements for MIPS o32.

Patch: cleanup

Patch: cleanup for xlib peer

Patch: Don't include


Patch: merge File.toURI() from Classpath

Patch: More autoconf updating

Patch: more cleanup

Patch: more protocol fun in URL

Patch: Moving native methods fo into

Patch: PR 16748 (Re: hash synchronization on linux)

Patch: PrivilegedAction helper classes

Patch: reformating clipboard stuff

Re: Patch: replacing gnu.gcj.runtime.FirstThread

Patch: RFA: fix for PR java/15656

Patch: RFA: Fix for PR java/17216

Patch: RFA: fix for PR java/17380

Patch: RFA: fix PR java/15578 (not just a java patch)

Patch: RFA: fix PR java/16789

Patch: RFA: fix PR java/17329

Patch: RFA: fix PR java/17500

Patch: RFA: Fix PR libgcj/17623

Patch: RFA: PR java/15710

Patch: RFA: PR java/8473

Patch: RFC: make libltdl search for version-specific symlinks first

Re: Patch: RFC: make libltdl search for version-specific symlinksfirst

Patch: Update of scripts/

Patch: URL.getFile() tweak and doc improvements

Ping! Add initializers to java/lang.opt

Re: Please post real patches (Was: [gui][patch] fix jcomponent action reset)

Please post real patches (Was: [gui][patch] fix jcomponent actionreset)

Re: Please post real patches (Was: [gui][patch] fix jcomponentaction reset)

portable-native-sync merged into libgcj gui branch

PR 16431: Bytecode compiler silently generates incorrect code

PR java/12760 [BC ABI] Re-enable fast interface dispatch

Re: PR java/16927 [Was Re: PATCH for better assertion control.]

PR java/17007 Inconsistent builtin attributes set by Java front end

PR java/17586 [4.0 regression] kawa build fails with ICE

PR java/17689 [4.0 Regression] New testsuite failures indicate signal unwinding is broken

Re: PR java/17689 [4.0 Regression] New testsuite failures indicatesignal unwinding is broken

PR libgcj/16814

PR16867: Fix a long standing DCE bug

RFA PATCH: Un-xfail a bunch of libffi tests for mips*...

RFA PATCH: Enable MIPS SIGFPE handling...

RFA PATCH: Fix PosixProcess some more...


RFA PATCH: PR 13141 MIPS libffi fixes...


S/390: Fix C aliasing violation in libffi

Serious bug in _Jv_InitPrimClass (I think)

Re: ServerSocket::accept


Fw: tenacious


Update libjava for gettext macros [3/3]

update: last gui merge before stage 3

Re: URLStreamHandler.parseURL()

Re: URLStreamHandler.parseURL() (was RE: Patch: more protocol fun in URL)

Web: FYI: Add Java news item

Web: gcj news update

Web: Update GCC 3.5 changes.html to mention GCJ binary name changes

Re: Web: Update GCC 3.5 changes.html to mention GCJ binary namechanges

work around alpha kernel bug

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