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Re: PATCH to optimize two Channels methods

> Richard Earnshaw wrote:
> > Well I would normally hope for a reply rather than stony silence... :-(
> Well, you can hope for a reply, but sometimes
> - the message gets overlooked/forgotten, or

It happens, which is why I phrased the question as I did...

> - I assume/hope the problem has been taken care of, or

Ignoring problems rarely makes them go away :-(

> - I hope someone else will deal with the problem, or

I don't think it's fair to expect somebody else to clean up if I introduce 
a problem, and I would normally expect similarly of other developers.

> - I figure I can't really deal with the problem since
>    I don't have the appropriate system, or

Then please say so.  In this case you don't need any special resource, 
since it can all be done in a cross build.

> - I haven't had time to deal with it, or

Then please say so.

> - some combination of the above.
> It is ok after a few days to ask "is anyone working on this problem"?

That's what I did.

> Backing out the patch would not have been acceptable.  Instead, I would
> hope that people who run into platform-specific errors can help diagnose
> and perhaps fix the problems.

Breaking the build prevents almost any development on the compiler and I 
don't consider that acceptable.  Constantly tweaking complex build scripts 
to leave out broken components is a non-starter.  I'm not a Java 
programmer, the best I can do is report the problems I encounter and leave 
it to those who are.

> I had gotten the impression that the "Ecos" "port" wasn't actively
> used and maintained, and didn't realize "Ecos" was a funky synonym for
> "embedded".  I didn't realize this was an "Ecos" problem from your mail.

It certainly seems that Ecos is a misnomer.  A better name might be Newlib 
or Embedded.

> If we were using cpp includes instead of symlinks it would have been
> obvious that the problem was in, btw.
> Thanks Michael for working on this!



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