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Re: Policy on classpath remerges?

>>>>> "Nathanael" == Nathanael Nerode <> writes:

Nathanael> I seem to remember some special customs for Classpath
Nathanael> remerges.  What were they?

Nathanael> I assume remerges still need explicit approval... or are
Nathanael> they sometimes "obvious"?

Some changes can be obvious, especially things like javadoc
improvements.  Most changes do need approval however.

Some divergences from classpath are intentional.  Most of these are
marked "GCJ LOCAL" -- probably some are not, but all should be.  One
known major divergence is -- we have a zlib-based native
implementation (of the compression bits) but Classpath has a pure Java

In theory our nightly comparison knows what divergences are
intentional and flags them in the comparison page.  That doesn't quite
seem to be working properly, I'll try to fix it soon.

Nathanael> There was something about ChangeLog entries.  Am I supposed
Nathanael> to put the upstream ChangeLog entries into the libjava
Nathanael> ChangeLog?  Or was it something else?

Yes, we prefer to keep the same ChangeLog entry when feasible.  We've
found this makes it easier to track changes back to their source.

Nathanael> Sorry to be so confused.

It's not your fault, we haven't documented this properly.


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