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Re: [MAD SCIENCE EXPERIMENT]: Replace some libtool functionality with handcoded C

On Dec  9, 2003, Tom Tromey <> wrote:

>>>>>> "Alexandre" == Alexandre Oliva <> writes:
Alexandre> the *_OBJECT definitions assume the absence of shell-active
Alexandre> characters in filenames, which is probably a safe
Alexandre> assumption for Makefiles.

> It isn't unreasonable for a Java .class file's name to contain "$".

Oh, but if you look closely at the macros I posted, you'll notice that
this doesn't matter all that much.  As long as the automake- or
hand-generated definition of ofile doesn't contain shell-active
characters (and IIRC automake already takes care of turning them into
underscores), you're fine.

And then, if it does, we need an additional variable set by the rule
preamble that sets a shell-safe version of ofile.  The point here is
to avoid the overhead of having to run ofile through sed to protect it
at build time, when we can do it at Makefile-generation time.

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