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Re: Patch: - PR/13176

Mark> OK. I understand that. I just don't understand why the catching of
Mark> InterruptedIOException and the calling Thread.interrupt() is needed in
Mark> the above methods, but not in the method were you say you removed it
Mark> again. It looks like for example print() can be interrupted, a
Mark> InterruptedIOException is thrown from natFileDescriptor who notices
Mark> that, but we catch it in print() and just return with as only indication
Mark> that something strange happened the fact that Thread.interrupted() will
Mark> return true. Is that on purpose?

Michael> I dont really know. Perhaps we should ask Bryce. He removed
Michael> the other ones. I cc'ed him now.

Back in the day we had some confusion about how
InterruptedIOException was supposed to work.  I think in the end we
discovered that it really didn't work reliably cross-platform, so we
could remove the various hacks we had added to try to make it do
something sensible.  There's some stuff in the archives about this.

If you dig it up, this would be a useful addition to the Classpath VM
integration guide.


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