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Re: [PATCH] [MinGW] for Review: Add UNICODE support to MinGW libgcj (UPDATED)

On Dec 6, 2003, at 8:50 AM, Tom Tromey wrote:

"Mohan" == Mohan Embar <> writes:

Mohan> I didn't know where to put it and it ended up concluding Mohan> that the proper place was gcc/doc/install.texi, but Mohan> there are so many libgcj configure options that aren't Mohan> docunmented there that it isn't even funny. (Of course, Mohan> two wrongs don't make a right....)

Yeah, if you're up to it, write a patch for all the missing options
for install.texi.  I think that's where this belongs: I assume
install.texi is meant to have an exhaustive list, and that's
presumably where people will start when trying to build gcc.

What would be cool is for gcj.texi to become the comprehensive repository of GCJ documentation, with all the various bits and pieces from the website rolled into it. Then we can generate the whole documentation section of the website from the .texi manual. In general the GCJ documentation will be the first place people look for information about GCJ, so to me it makes sense to have libgcj-specific options in there, although we would also want to list them in install.texi with a pointer to the gcj documentation. At the least, there should be a libgcj section in install.texi rather than mixing up the libgcj options with all the others.



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