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Re: [PATCH] [MinGW] for Review: Add UNICODE support to MinGW libgcj (UPDATED)

Hi Bryce,

>> This patch supersedes this:
>> ...and attempts to address the outcry from those who didn't
>> want the UNICOWS licensing restrictions on Win9X. It adds
>> a configure switch for the compiler called --enable-libgcj-mingw-osapi
>> which can take one of three values:
>> ansi: Use the char and the Win32 A functions natively, translating
>>   to and from UNICODE when using these functions.
>> unicows: Use the WCHAR and Win32 W functions natively. Adds -lunicows
>>   to libgcj.spec to link with libunicows. unicows.dll needs to be
>>   deployed on Win9X machines running built executables.
>> unicode: Use the WCHAR and Win32 W functions natively. Does not add
>>   -lunicows to libgcj.spec. The built executables will only run
>>   on WinNT and above.
>Which is the default?

The default is ansi.

>Am I right in assuming that this gives the choice between:

>ansi: libgcj that works everywhere, but is somewhat inefficient because 
>it converts all strings twice
>unicows: libgcj that works everywhere but requires third party 
>libunicows to be available, and unicows.dll at runtime on win9x
>unicode: fast libgcj that needs no extra library but only runs on >= 
>Win NT

100% correct (actually WinNT converts the strings from ANSI to UNICODE

>I'm presuming its just not really possible to just determine at runtime 
>which (ansi or unicode) should be used, right?

It is, but I deemed this way more trouble than it's worth. Eventually, the
ANSI stuff will be phased out when Win9X dies its welcome^H^H^H^H^H^H^H
inevitable death and removing the extraneous code can be done in a couple
of minutes. No one seemed to care about the runtime inefficiency. (All things
considered, I don't think it's a big deal either.)

>Please be sure to document this in gcj.texi.

Will do. I'm still on the hook for --enable-libgcj-multifile too.

-- Mohan

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