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Re: Patch: Implement Class.getSigners

>>>>> "Bryce" == Bryce McKinlay <> writes:

Tom> I'd really like it if we got rid of the requirement to add a new
Tom> clause to the marker every time we add a field to Class.  Forgetting
Tom> this has caused bugs for us before.

Bryce> Yeah. I guess we'll have to come up with something to handle the
Bryce> marking if we're going to put class fields into the class objects for
Bryce> the new ABI. Its pretty ugly at the moment with all the special cases
Bryce> in there.

Since I added the "signers" field to Class, we can no longer compile
Classpath to bytecode, as the Classpath Class has its own "signers"

It would be nice if this didn't happen.  I can't help thinking this is
somehow related to the above.  E.g., if we declared all our fields in
our, we could generate a mark descriptor for Class just
like we do for everything else, and we wouldn't have problems with
other implementations of Class (at least, hopefully, when generating
bytecode -- I think it is ok if we run into problems when generating
object code).

Meanwhile I suppose an ugly workaround would be to rename the
"signers" field in one place or the other.  Ugh.


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