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Re: compatibility problem.

Hi Tom,

>You know better than me whether this should go in.
>I don't have any major problems with it, just a formatting nit or two.

>Is anybody reviewing Windows patches?  If not, let's appoint you to do
>that :-)

I wrote Christopher Faylor once concerning this and he replied that
he could do this for gcc patches, but not for Java patches:

If no one else steps up for this, I'll do it. I'll also clean up my act
as far as formatting standards is concerned. (I confess I knew
about the "comments after the code" rule but mumbled an
incantation and hit [Send] anyway. I also think that C99 comments
aren't allowed, but libgcj is so full of these that I'm just going
with the flow.)

Also, if a patch is Windows-specific but I don't feel technically
comfortable with it either because it uses complex Win32
stuff or general technical stuff I'm not familiar with, I wouldn't
check it in without review. In the latter case, I'd try to explain it
in general enough terms so that a non-Win32 person could understand
it. A case in point was my Win32 Thread.interrupt() patch.
I wouldn't have checked it in until someone else looked at it,
and I was prepared to explain it in general terms if necessary
so that you or Andrew could critique it.

Finally, if anyone else wanted to do this, either now or in
the future, I would happily step aside.

I await further instructions from you on how to proceed with

-- Mohan

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