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Re: FYI: Patch: Java NIO


>> I commited a patch to provide more NIO functionality. Hopefully all slowly 
>> begins to really work.
>This patch causes the following build regression for Linux-cross-mingw32 builds...

I emailed Michael privately about this. There are several possible

- split into and
  à la natFileWin32/, etc. I think we'd want to factor NoNet
  into this too, right Michael? I asked Michael if he wanted to submit a
  patch for this or wanted me to do it, but haven't heard back from him
  yet. I've also been too busy to whip up a patch for this. I think this
  is the best solution.

- a quicker and dirtier solution would be to define _Jv_Pipe in both
  win32.h and posix.h and provide implementations for these in
  both and I was so relieved to eradicate all of
  these, though, so doing this would be a step backward.

If you want a hack to unbreak the build for MinGW only:

- Add the following includes:

#include <io.h>
#include <fcntl.h>

- Use _pipe instead of pipe
- Add the parameters 4096 and _O_BINARY to the _pipe call.

-- Mohan

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