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Re: Extending gen-classpath-compare

Michael> I wrote a little patch some time ago to gen-classpath-compare
Michael> and want put it now into CVS. It changes the generation of
Michael> the classpath comparision in a way to tell the visitior of
Michael> the page which classes has to have differences.

I have one comment, see below.

Michael> Another way to find the classes which should have differences is to 
Michael> grep the diff files but I somehow dont wanted this.

I was thinking about this recently, too.  What if we checked in the
expected diff, and then compared diffs?  If it differs from the
expected one, then something has changed, and we need to look at it.
Also, there aren't many classes we'd have to handle like this.

Michael>     elif test -f "$CLASSPATH/vm/reference/$f"; then
Michael> -      clp="$VmSpec"
Michael> -      Merge="$Empty"
Michael> +      clp="$Yes"
Michael> +      Merge="$Yes"
Michael>     fi

I'm not so sure about this part.  Doesn't this remove the "vm
specific" text from these classes?  Do we not want that?

Otherwise this looks fine to me.


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