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Re: Patch: New version of "UTF-16 to 'Win32 locale' conversions" and filenames (replacing convertion tables with Win32 API calls)

Hi João,

>  After all, it is possible to support Win9x branch without using those tables
>  and without using unicows library.
>  Advantages over the previous proposal are:
>  -support for all 8-bit localised windows charsets.
>  -less code to maintain.
>  -compiled applications will be 26K smaller.

Thanks for looking into this! For whatever it's worth, I like this
approach a lot.

I have a couple of comments / questions. I've only skimmed the
patch, so forgive me if I've overlooked something.

- It looks like the patch has a lot of code duplication. What are
  your thoughts as far as refactoring the string conversion into a
  reusable helper function.

- In a previous post, you had mentioned submitting a patch which
  uses the native Unicode Win32 calls on non-Win9X, yet this patch
  doesn't seem to do that. Did you have a change of heart?

- What are your future plans with this? In particular, do you plan to
  submit a patch against 3.4?

- Do you have any testcases?

Thanks again for working on this.

-- Mohan

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