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Re: Patch for Review: Build all libjava .class files at once (Updated Again)

Hi Tom,

>Mohan> Since we can assume GNU make (and since you know how I feel about
>Mohan> duplicated code), I splurged and wrote a parameterized
>Mohan> function to do this and also refactored the,
>Mohan>, install-data-local targets to use this.
>Mohan> Is this okay? In my opinion, these read really nicely now.
>Oh no, `call'.
>Can you find out when call was introduced in GNU make?  (By date, not
>release number...)  If it is too recently, I think we can't use it.
>Requiring GNU make might be fine, but requiring a very new version is

I did the following:

1. got these from

   make-3.78.1.tar.gz       23-Sep-1999 20:33   756k  
   make-3.79.1.tar.gz       23-Jun-2000 20:10  1006k  

2. deleted config.cache and libjava/ from i686-pc-linux-gnu

3. built make-3.79.1, hid /usr/bin/make, put make-3.79-1 in
   my path, ensured that my built make was being picked up,
   fired up the i686-pc-linux-gnu build

4. waited 'til libgcj-3.4.jar was built, aborted the build
   since I figured the rest of the build was beyond the scope
   of what we're trying to verify

5. repeated steps 3 and 4 for make-3.78-1 (23-Sep-1999)

For both versions (3.79-1/23-Jun-2000 and 3.78-1/23-Sep-1999),
$(call) obviously worked because otherwise the compilation step
would have failed. I excavated a RedHat 6.2 CD and saw that it
shipped with make-3.78.1-4.i386.rpm. (Panicked flashbacks as I'm
desperately hand-hacking the XF86Config file with whatever XFree86
that shipped with RedHat 5.0 to get X to run on my laptop. [Ctrl+Alt+F2]
to open another TTY and desperately search through the monitors file.
Triumphantly mailing my config file to the laptop manufacturer. Recompiling
the kernel to get sound support. (Was that 5.0 or earlier?) Aaaaaaaah!)

Thanks for the memories, Tom.

Do you want me to go back to an even-more-previous version of make?

-- Mohan

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