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Patch: MingW32 3.4 Cleanup / Refactoring / Enhancements

Hi Patch People,

I'm booting this thing out of the nest even though
I haven't created an exhaustive test for it. (I've
done pretty decent ad hoc testing and if I don't
push this out now, I'll procrastinate on this even
longer. It's an order of magnitude better than what's
there already - consider it one of those drugs that
the US Food and Drug Administration rushes to market
before they've done exhaustive clinical testing....)

See the previous post for an explanation of what this does:

To reiterate: this only touches MingW-specific files.

I've split out Ranjit's os.arch and process quoting patches
from this one. In a separate post, I'll indicate what
patches need to be applied to MingW gcj in what order.

With this patch, I believe that the MingW code would show
a higher degree of JRE conformance than the current POSIX
net code because some sections are erroneously throwing
InterruptedIOExceptions instead of SocketTimeoutExceptions.
I've discussed this with Michael informally, but will follow
up on this more formally later.

The next thing I'll try to do is right a more exhaustive test
suite that, while not Mauve-compliant, will be something where
you can hopefully nicely diff against the JRE output of the same

I've compressed this because it's 99k unzipped.

-- Mohan

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