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3.3 PATCH: Fix libjava bootstrap failure on Tru64 UNIX

3.4 PATCH: Fix IRIX 6.5.1[78] libjava bootstrap failure

Re: [libffi] closures for sparc

[3.3] DESTDIR support

[3.3] Patch ping: JNI ABI and Windows

Re: [libffi] closures for sparc

[libffi] More x86_64 bugs

[libffi] Unwind info for x86_64

[libjava PATCH] Conditionalize use of thread priority scheduling

[Patch for Review] "errno" in networking code and Win32


[Patch] Fix for PR/9253: File.listFiles( ) Error on Win32

[PATCH] Fix Jacks testsuite invocation

[PATCH] Fix PPC32 local checks in 3.2 (was: Re: [libffi] closures for sparc)

[PATCH] - ServerSocketImpl

[PATCH] -- badly needed.

[PATCH] and|in


[PATCH] - hack - comments appreciated


[PATCH] (with patch)

Re: [PATCH] initial merge with classpath

[PATCH] java.awt

[PATCH] java.awt.*

[PATCH] java.awt.datatransfer.DataTransfer

[PATCH] java.awt.dnd

[PATCH] java.awt.font

[PATCH] java.awt.Graphics

[PATCH] java.awt.Graphics2D

[PATCH] java.awt.print

[PATCH] java.awt.ScrollPaneAdjustable




[PATCH] java.nio - *Buffer cleanup

[PATCH] java.nio - ByteBuffer and CharBuffer

[PATCH] java.nio - exception rewrite

[PATCH] java.nio - Exception throwing

[PATCH] java.nio - new files

[PATCH] java.nio -- important, please test on your platform

[PATCH] java.nio and

[PATCH] java.nio fixes

[PATCH] java.nio.channels.Channels

[PATCH] java.nio.channels.SelectionKey

[PATCH] miscellany

[PATCH] java.util.prefs

[PATCH] javax.accessibility.AccessibleContext

[PATCH] more java.nio stuff

[PATCH] to java::lang::ConcreteProcess::destroy

[PATCH] undef MPROTECT_VDB for darwin?

[wwwdocs] Add java news item

_Jv_CallAnyMehtodA alignment patch

added typedef for socklen_t to win32.h

Addendum (Re: Patch: FYI: clone System properties)

Advice for storing pointers

BigDecimal fixlets

Re: BigInteger patch (long)

BufferedOutputStream.write() premature buffer flush patch


Class initialization, take two

classpath comparison

Classpath ObjectIn/OutputStream merge

Re: Compilation Problems with libjava

configure check for sys/mman.h

correct dylib suffix in libltdl

darwin: can_unwind_signal = no

Deprecate ClassLoader method

dl_iterate_phdr() deadlock patch

Enable interpreter for sparc*-*

Enable interpreter for x86_64

Fw: ezmlm warning

Flip Your Fat-Burning Switch Now!

FYI: Another ZipEntry fixlet


FYI: patchlet

FYI: java.awt: deprecated and some comments

FYI: java.beans

FYI: java.beans.PropertyDescriptor remerge with Classpath

FYI: java.lang.Package - partly remerged with classpath

FYI: - merges with classpath

FYI: - some fixes


FYI: javax.swing.text - fixed two typos.

FYI: Manifest reading of JarFile

FYI: Mauve xfails patch

FYI: New Mauve xfails

FYI: ObjectStream fix for shadowed fields

FYI: Patch: classpath merge - java.awt and java.beans

FYI: Patch: - using RawData

FYI: Patch: java.awt

FYI: Patch: java.awt.dnd

FYI: Patch: java.awt.font.TextAttribute

FYI: Patch: java.awt.Frame

FYI: Patch: java.beans

FYI: Patch: java.beans.beancontext.BeanContextEvent

FYI: Patch:

FYI: Patch: - copyright statements merged with classpath

FYI: Patch: - documentation merges

FYI: Patch: - file channel access

FYI: Patch: - just more merging

FYI: Patch: - more merges

FYI: Patch: - more merges with classpath

FYI: Patch: - more merging

FYI: Patch: - some formatting cleanups

FYI: Patch:

FYI: Patch: java.lang.Process

FYI: Patch: - copyright statements merged

FYI: Patch: - remove of native code and configure fix

FYI: Patch: - comment fixes

FYI: Patch: java.rmi

FYI: Patch: java.rmi - many @deprecated added

FYI: Patch: java.rmi.RMIClassLoader

FYI: Patch: java.sql - @deprecated and reformatting

FYI: Patch: java.swing

FYI: Patch: java.util

FYI: Patch: javax.print.attribute - new classes

Re: FYI: Patch: javax.print.attribute - new classes [now with patch]

FYI: Patch: javax.swing

FYI: Patch: javax.swing - merges from classpath

FYI: Patch: javax.swing - new files

FYI: Patch: More merges from classpath

FYI: Properties fixlet

FYI: Remerge java.math.BigDecimal with Classpath

FYI: ZipEntry(String) with length > 65535

FYI: ZipFile.finalize()

FYI:Patch: java.rmi - another @deprecated issue

gnu.gcj.progname Patch Status

Happy Epiphany

Happy good Epiphany

Have a excite Lady Day

Have a funny Epiphany

Hello,let's be friends

Hi,java-patches,meeting notice

HttpURLConnection remerge with Classpath

Re: I can make your gcj-compiled binaries much smaller.

Introduction on ADSL

Is your Website seen LOCALLY and GLOBALLY?

java.awt - documentation and others

Re: java.awt - documentation and others - REVISED

java.awt.DisplayMode - okay to commit ? fix and speedup enhancement

Re: enhancement [now with correct patch] fixlet serialization little fixes

java.rmi.server.UnicastRemoteObject interface and and

Re: java.util.TreeMap patch

java/8457: [3.2/3.3 regression] ICE in generate_bytecode_insns, at java/jcf-write.c:1850

java: Fix inliner for synchronized methods

Re: JNI/Win32 Patch #1: Use "stdcall" Convention in the Interpreter to Invoke Native Methods

Re: JNI/Win32 Patch #2: Fix lookup of "JNI_OnLoad" on loading a JNI DLL

Re: JNI/Win32 Patch #3: Change _Jv_LookupJNIMethod( ) for "stdcall" export variations on Win32

Libffi: closures for x86_64

libjava embedded builds broken *again*

Re: libstdc++ multilibs installed where gcc won't find them

Low Price Fags

Re: Mauve harness failure on s390

Re: Mauve, inner classes and dejagnu magic

missing interface and classes in .interfaces and .spec

natRuntime stack trace bug fix

Re: Networking properties

Newbie Patch Submission Question

Re: ObjectStreamClass

ObjectStreamClass merge with Classpath

ObjectStreamClass serialization patch

Outstanding patches


Partial fix for libgcj/9802

Patch for "static follows non-static" warning in java/builtins.c

Patch for Preview: _Jv_ThisExecutable (The Saga Continues)

Patch for Preview: Cross-Configury Tweaks

Patch for Preview: Cross-Configury Tweaks (Updated)

Patch for Preview: Escape DllMain in boehm-gc

Patch for Preview: Escape DllMain in boehm-gc (Take 2)

Patch for Preview: jcf-io.c and Win32 case-insensitive filename handling

Patch for Preview: Win32 Process Implementation

Patch for Review: Add regex functions checks to fastjar/

Patch for Review: Configury Tweaks for Crossed-Native Builds

Patch for Review: PR/9254 and other Win32 Threading Fixes

Patch for spurious @ at start of manuals

Patch installed for ISO C function definitions in the java dir

Patch installed to eliminate useless casts in java dir

Patch installed to eliminate uses of PTR macro in java dir

Patch installed to fix scandir warning in jcf-io.c

Patch installed to generate java/keyword.h in ISO C style

Patch installed to remove K&R DEFUN macro (et al) from java dir

Patch installed to remove PARAMS macro from java dir

Patch installed to remove variadic K&R macros from java dir

Patch installed: include "tm_p.h" in jcf-write.c

patch jni.exp for darwin dylibs

patch ping jni for darwin

Patch to move to GFDL 1.2

Patch to XFAIL libjava.lang/

Patch: 3.3 fix for PR java/9695

Patch: abort if interface call made on non-interface method

Patch: Add #include <stddef.h> in fastjar

Patch: Add JNIEXPORT and JNICALL to native methods in JNI testcases

Patch: addr2line and the name of the executable

Patch: Another deprecation fix

Patch: another gcj assume-compiled fix

Patch: assert in

Patch: assume-compiled fix

Patch: avoid crash with gcj -fno-assume-compiled

Patch: Change hardcoded '/' to DIR_SEPARATOR in jcf-io.c

Patch: Class.finalize() throws a Throwable

Patch: default to -mieee on alpha

Patch: DIR_SEPARATOR usage in jcf-write.c and jcf-io.c

PATCH: dispose Graphics after each paint, to recover resources (particularly memory)

Patch: Don't free local variables if a jsr has been emitted

PATCH: enable paint events for heavyweight java.awt.Container which contains a lightweight java.awt.Component

PATCH: fastjar doesn't skip zip's extra fields correctly

Patch: File.toURL() and URLStreamHandler.parseURL() fixes

Re: Patch: fix and speed-up object marking

Patch: fix gcj deprecation support

Patch: fix gcj ICE

Patch: Fix line-number lookup in creating a StackTraceElement

Patch: FYI:

Patch: FYI: a few JNI fixes

Patch: FYI: Add another Mauve xfail

Patch: FYI: another gcj faq fix

Patch: FYI: assume-compiled runtime fix

Patch: FYI: BigInteger again

Patch: FYI: BigInteger bug fix

Patch: FYI: bug fix from classpath


Patch: FYI: Classpath AWT mergelet

Patch: FYI: Classpath AWT re-merge

Patch: FYI: Classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: Classpath comparison pages

Patch: FYI: classpath comparison script change

Patch: FYI: Classpath merge

Patch: FYI: Classpath mergelet

Patch: FYI: classpath mergelet

Patch: FYI: Classpath mergelet

Patch: FYI: clone System properties

Patch: FYI: CNI test directory

Patch: FYI: copyright info on locale files

Patch: FYI: document new properties

Patch: FYI: fastjar fix for PPC

Patch: FYI: File fixlet

Patch: FYI: fix PR 9934

Patch: FYI: gcj 3.3 status update

Patch: FYI: gcj faq fix

Patch: FYI: gcj front end bug fix

Patch: FYI: gcj ICE fixlet

Patch: FYI: gcj lexer fixes

Patch: FYI: gcj resource compilation from jar

Patch: FYI: gcj/libgcj JNI and Windows

Patch: FYI: gcj3.3 status

Patch: FYI: Import AWT peers

Patch: FYI: jacks xfail update

Patch: FYI: java web page updates

Patch: FYI: java.nio.

Patch: FYI: java.sql fixlet

Patch: FYI: java.sql update

Patch: FYI: javax.rmi merge

Patch: FYI: libgcj and no-deprecated in makefile

Patch: FYI: libgcj verifier bug fix

Patch: FYI: libgcj verifier fix

Patch: FYI: libgcj/classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: minor Class improvement

Patch: FYI: minor spec fixes

Patch: FYI: minor runtime cleanup

Patch: FYI: more String patches

Patch: FYI: Partial String merge

Patch: FYI: PR 8712 test case

Patch: FYI: PR 8955 test

Patch: FYI: PR 9139

Patch: FYI: Properties fixlet

Patch: FYI: Remove some ifdefs

Patch: FYI: rename libgcjx

Patch: FYI: ResourceBundle fix

Patch: FYI: RMI API fixlet

Patch: FYI: small javadoc fix

Patch: FYI: small verifier cleanup

Patch: FYI: some deprecation fixes

Patch: FYI: some String reformatting

Patch: FYI: StringBuffer merge

Patch: FYI: support --libdir install

Patch: FYI: typos in jcf-write.c

Patch: FYI: updat 3.3 status page

Patch: FYI: update classpath comparison script

Patch: FYI: xlib as default toolkit fix

Patch: FYI: xlib peer link fix

Patch: FYI: ZipInputStream re-merge

Patch: gcj and rhug build failure

Patch: gcj and rhug build regression

Patch: gcj assume-compiled fix

Patch: gcj interface initialization bug

Patch: gcj support for lex timevar

Patch: gcj warning fix

Patch: gcj/ggc fix

Re: Patch: GLightweightPeer,LightweightPeer,Toolkit allow creation and display of lightweight components

Patch: Include platform.h in gnu/gcj/runtime/

PATCH: index.html -- tweak GCJ news entry

Re: Patch: Indicate EOF on Win32 when ReadFile( ) returns with ERROR_BROKEN_PIPE

Patch: Indicate EOF on Win32 when ReadFile( ) returns with ERROR_BROKEN_PIPE

Patch: jartool.c and formatted time string in JAR listings

Patch: java.awt

Re: Patch: fix - was sometimes showing the wrong component

Patch: java.beans.beancontext - 2 new classes

Patch: - java.nio.FileChannel support

Re: Patch: java.lang.Process

Patch: documentation fixes for javadoc

Patch: java.nio.ByteOrder

PATCH: improvements

PATCH: java/contrib.html fix broken link

Patch: jcf-io.c and Win32 case-insensitive filename handling (updated)

Patch: jcf-path.c and filename case-insensitivity on Win32

PATCH: jni support for darwin

Re: Patch: libjava/,libjava/ fix for compile error with --enable-java-awt=xlib

Patch: Make "os.arch" consistent with Sun's JDK on Win32

Patch: make gcj compile all files in .jar

Patch: More Win32 fixes for File.getAbsoluteName( ) etc.

Patch: move gcj 3.3 status page to gcc-3.3 directory

Patch: name finder fixlets

Patch: use elements + explicit cast

Patch: Override auto-guessed max cmd line length in MingW

Patch: Parser fixes

Patch: Reorder a source file in (libjava)

Patch: RFA: solib URLs

Patch: RFC: PR 9125

Patch: Set gnu.gcj.progname safely

Patch: Suppress MingW Build-Busting Net Code

Patch: Thread doc merge and new method

Patch: Two new files in java.beans.beancontext

Patch: Unimplemented functions in

Re: Patch: URLClassLoader change

Patch: Win32 Process Implementation

Patch: win32.h Cleanup w.r.t. w32api 2.x

PATCH: XGraphicsConfiguration implement font metrics cache

Re: Patch: XGraphicsConfiguration,XToolkit: display colors properly in 16-bit display modes

PATCH: xlib GC cache

PATCH: xlib support for 16-bit characters when rendering text

Please try again

RE: Possible awt patches

Re: Regression in GCJ 3.3 in parsing property files

Re: RFC: Moving native code in into architecture dependant files - updated patch

RFC: Moving native code in into architecture dependant files

Re: RFC: Moving native code in into architecture dependant files - updated patch

S/390: Fix backtrace support for Java

Security provider fallback

Some questions

Squelch Java use of HOST_FLOAT_WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN (take two)

Re: Status page

take #2. was: BigInteger patch (long)

unwind info for darwin

Re: URLClassLoader update

x86_64 fixes

x86_64 support

ZipFile patch (Was: eclipse status)

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