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Re: Patch: Override auto-guessed max cmd line length in MingW

Hi Ranjit & Andrew & Everyone,

Mohan>> +# This compensates for the fact that ltconfig chooses too high a length
Mohan>> +# for the command line.
Mohan>> +case $host_os in
Mohan>> +       mingw*)
Mohan>> +       lt_cv_sys_max_cmd_len=30000
Mohan>> +       ;;

Ranjit> Should this not be "build_os" based? Or are they the same for
Ranjit> ltconfig? BTW, have you tried with recent MSYS 1.0.9 snapshots

I've verified that build = host = <library target> (which is i386-pc-mingw32)
for the MingW native, as well as BOTH the Linux cross and crossed-native compilers.
This has the consequence that for both the cross and crossed-native compilers,
we would set the max. command line length too conservatively low.

As such, even though my patch would work, I'd like to put it on hold until
I can figure out the right thing to do:

- fix one or more of the libtool scripts?
- fix MSYS so that the test isn't broken?
- go ahead and do my patch anyway?

I'm confused as to what the most correct / most expedient choice is.
What do you think, Ranjit? Fix MSYS?

-- Mohan

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