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Discussion on Removal of Garbage Collector and other GCC Multi threaded Work

Greetings All,

After doing some more research it seems that it may be time to remove the garbage collector. I'm aware of the linkage to precompiled headers but even them I think its time due to two reasons:

1. The work related to multithreading gcc is working around the global state of the collector which makes scaling less likely in terms of threads. In addition it is causing   unnecessary compilations
in terms of workarounds in this project.

2. Memory usage may be decreased in certain passes due to being able to implement memory allocation at a pass or per pass type level with more knowledge than a generic garbage collector. I'm aware this is done for a lot of passes. However it  could be done for the other passes that are linked currently to the
garbage collector.

I'm not sure what memory allocation strategies we want to implement in terms of replacing the garbage
collector but I think its time.

On another I'm looking into the issues with PHI nodes and operators as to how to lock or decrease global state there as this seems to be the biggest complication when I've time. In addition as Jeff stated we will also want to encapsulate SSA operands and other SSA related things in a series of classes as part of


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