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Re: GCC 8.4 Status Report (2020-02-17)

On Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 8:37 PM Bernd Edlinger
<> wrote:
> > It has been almost a year since GCC 8.3 has been released and GCC 8.4
> > release should have been released already, so we should concentrate on
> > getting it out soon.  Unfortunately we have two P1s, one of them is
> > waiting for reporter's input, so we might as well just ignore it unless
> > the input is provided, but the other, C++ FE one, looks something that
> > should be fixed.  If we get rid of the P1s, I'd like to create
> > 8.4-rc1 on Wednesday, Feb 26th and release 8.4 the week afterwards.
> > If you have any queued backports, please commit them to 8 branch
> > (and 9 branch too, we'd like to release 9.3 soon too).
> Hi Jakub,
> it just occurred to me that my patch here is a kind of
> security relevant one:
> since every time the collect2 process is interrupted via a signal
> it can delete random files from the hard drive, since the
> signal handler may be using the path name, and passes it to the unlink
> function before it is initialized.
> The patch doe not apply cleanly to gcc-8, but just fixing
> that issue, without tackling the cleanup at the same time should
> be feasible, if you like that for this version?

Sure, these kind of fixes are always welcome, but please  post them
for review.


> Thanks
> Bernd.

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