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libc coordination list

There's a new mailing list for cross-libc coordination issues, hosted at


I'm including the test of the announcement below.


Welcome to the libc-coord list!

This list is intended to coordinate work on run-time libraries for the C
programming language and its extensions.  Expected topics include:

- Proposals for portable library extensions
- Discussion and clarification of the behavior of already established
- Public review of proposals for the C standard or POSIX
- ABI-level changes that impact C implementations
- Coordination of the design and implementation of interfaces between
  compilers and libraries
- Other toolchain integration topics, such as debugger performance tools

Posts to the list should be self-contained and include the material
relevant to the discussion, rather than relying solely on external
references.  Posting links to relevant external resources as well is
acceptable, but posting only links is discouraged.  Your message
should remain valuable even with all of the external resources gone.

Please be respectful of other people's work.  There is value in having
different implementations exploring various design choices.  But there
is also value in providing source code portability to programmers.
This list aims to help balancing these two goals.

To subscribe to the list, send mail to:


The list posting address is:


You can also manage your subscription at <>.

This list is lightly moderated (to deal with automated email
submissions), with Rich Felker and Florian Weimer as the initial
moderators, and the expectation that regular posters will be

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