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Re: [PATCH, v2] wwwdocs: e-mail subject lines for contributions

On 22/01/2020 16:28, Marek Polacek wrote:
On Wed, Jan 22, 2020 at 04:05:37PM +0000, Richard Sandiford wrote:
"Richard Earnshaw (lists)" <> writes:
On 21/01/2020 17:20, Jason Merrill wrote:
On 1/21/20 10:40 AM, Richard Earnshaw (lists) wrote:
On 21/01/2020 15:39, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 03:33:22PM +0000, Richard Earnshaw (lists)
Some examples would be useful I'd say, e.g. it is unclear in what
way you
want the PR number to be appended, shall it be
something: whatever words describe it PR12345
something: whatever words describe it (PR12345)
something: whatever words describe it: PR12345
something: whatever words describe it [PR12345]
or something else?

Glibc use "[BZ #nnnn]" - obviously BZ becomes PR, but after that,
I'm not
too worried.  I'd be happy with [PR #nnnn], but if folk want
something else,
please say so quickly...

[PR 12345] or [PR #12345] is bad, because the bugzilla won't
underline it,
it needs to be either PR12345 word, or PR component/12345 .

ok, lets go with [PRnnnn] then.

Doesn't this use of [] have the same problem with git am?

No, because only 'leading' [] blocks are removed - git mailinfo --help

My summaries are often describing the bug I'm fixing, i.e.

[PATCH] PR c++/91476 - anon-namespace reference temp clash between TUs.

which is also the first line of my ChangeLog entry.  I think you are

[COMMITTED] c++: Fix anon-namespace reference temp clash between TUs

which can no longer be shared with the ChangeLog.

I was trying to unify this with glibc.  They specify the bug number at
the end of the line.

We can diverge if it's generally felt to be important, but details like
this create needless friction for folk working in both communities.

+1 for "component: Summary [PRnnnnn]" FWIW.

PR bz-component/nnnnn works well for C++.  The problem is that so many
other PRs come under tree-optimization and rtl-optimization, which
eat up a lot of subject line characters without narrowing things down
very much.  "cselib: ... [PRnnnnn]" is both shorter and more descriptive
than "PR rtl-optimization/nnnnn - ....", etc.

Yeah, the cselib version definitely looks preferable to me.

What if a patch touches more than just the C++ FE, do we want "c,c++:"?

c-common: or c-family:?

Though kernel uses

net: sched: act_ctinfo: fix memory leak

I'd read that as a patch that crosses the three separate components.

locking/rwsem: Fix kernel crash when spinning on RWSEM_OWNER_UNKNOWN

And this would be a patch that affectst the rwsem sub-component of locking.

If a patch touches various spots in the optimizers, maybe we can
just go with "tree-opt:" or "rtl:"?

Not sure we want to get that prescriptive. Things are likely to change around anyway. rtl: would suggest it was one of the non-specific rtl-related issues, tree: similarly for a tree-related issue.

Further, I suppose multiple PRs fixed by a single patch would look like:

c++: Implement DR 666 [PR57, PR12345]

Depends on the overall context. In the subject line I think it would be acceptable to reference just one, perhaps two PRs. If there are more, then something like
[PRnnn, ...]

would probably be an acceptable way of showing that more were referenced later in the body.


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