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Re: gcc-cvs mails for personal/vendor branches for merge commits

[ Please do reply to me when you reply to my mails.  Maybe gmane did that?
  Yet Another reason not to use gmane. ]

On Sat, Jan 18, 2020 at 11:04:12PM +0100, Julien _FrnchFrgg_ Rivaud wrote:
> Le 18/01/2020 à 18:49, Segher Boessenkool a écrit :
> >If a branch does rebase all people who commit to it need to make sure
> >not to overwrite others' work.  Your pushes are always non-fast-forward,
> >so you do not notice you did not incorporate someone else's new work if
> >you do not take care.
> There is the git push --force-with-lease option to avoid that. Its goal 
> is to force a non-fast-forward push, but only if the remote position 
> (HEAD) is actually where you expect it to, that is no work you don't 
> know about has been pushed in the mean time.
> I strongly recommend to use --force-with-lease on non-user branches. 
> User branches you usually control totally and are the only one to push 
> to, so that's less an issue.

Sure, that option helps to avoid problems when you do the wrong thing.
But you still need a plan what to do when there *are* problems, or to
avoid such problems in the first place.  You need some policy for when
the branch is rebased, and who does that, and how the other users are
supposed to learn about this.

(Using merges avoids this, it always makes a mess, instead it postpones
all the "make it a clean patch series" work to later.)


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