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Re: GCC GSoC 2020: Call for mentors and project ideas

On 1/15/20 5:45 PM, Martin Jambor wrote:

Therefore, first and foremost, I would like to ask all (moderately)
seasoned GCC contributors to consider mentoring a student this year and
ideally also come up with a project that they would like to lead.  I'm
collecting proposal on our wiki page - feel free to add yours to the
top list there.  Or, if you are unsure, post your offer and project idea
as a reply here to the mailing list.

I have an idea for a GNU-Make project.

* Separate Make's job-control from the dependency walking. Right now, theses are somewhat tangled up, due to history. It would be nice to separate these into distinct components. One wrinkle may be that single-threaded invocation might need to preserve the (implementation-defined) order of dependent rule execution, as makefiles that do not completely specify dependencies might be relying on that.

I ran into this problem with my hack to add a module-server into make, and hacked around it in an ugly fashion.

(I've not run this by the GNU-Make maintainers)


Nathan Sidwell

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