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Re: gcc-cvs mails for personal/vendor branches for merge commits

On Wed, 15 Jan 2020, Jakub Jelinek wrote:

> Hi!
> As I said on IRC, I have done on our vendor branch redhat/gcc-10-branch
> a simple
> git merge r10-5981-ga52d93219c63d38fa9a97d0eb727e7fcc935e9b3
> git push origin redhat/gcc-10-branch:refs/vendors/redhat/heads/gcc-10-branch
> which merged in just a few hours from trunk, but that resulted in
> 20 separate mails to gcc-cvs ml.

Joel, this is definitely a question for you; it's beyond my expertise in 
the working of the hooks.  The issue is that when a merge commit is 
pushed, we only want mails for commits that are new *to the repository* - 
not those that are already in the repository (accessible from some other 
ref before the ref update being processed by the hook comes into effect), 
but are new *to the branch*.

I think there's a similar issue not just for merges but for 
non-fast-forward pushes as well.  As a glibc example, consider 
<> and the long 
series of subsequent mails in the glibc-cvs archives.  It's correct that 
the five or so rebased patches on the branch got mailed out again.  It's 
*not* desirable that the 50 or so patches that were already on master, 
that the branch got rebased on top of, got mailed out again.

> Is that what we want?  I mean it doesn't scale well, even if everybody has
> just a couple of personal branches + few vendor branches for all, if some of
> them will be tracking master or release branches, if each such push
> pushes all the commits again, there will be tens of thousands of mails.
> And forcing everybody to squash all merge commits because of this is
> undesirable.
> Could we somehow detect merges from other branches (or say only master or
> release branches) and don't send mails for those and send just a mail for
> the merge commit?
> Or, if that is not possible, disable gcc-cvs mail for vendor and private
> branches altogether?

Joseph S. Myers

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