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gcc-cvs mails for personal/vendor branches for merge commits


As I said on IRC, I have done on our vendor branch redhat/gcc-10-branch
a simple
git merge r10-5981-ga52d93219c63d38fa9a97d0eb727e7fcc935e9b3
git push origin redhat/gcc-10-branch:refs/vendors/redhat/heads/gcc-10-branch
which merged in just a few hours from trunk, but that resulted in
20 separate mails to gcc-cvs ml.
Is that what we want?  I mean it doesn't scale well, even if everybody has
just a couple of personal branches + few vendor branches for all, if some of
them will be tracking master or release branches, if each such push
pushes all the commits again, there will be tens of thousands of mails.
And forcing everybody to squash all merge commits because of this is
Could we somehow detect merges from other branches (or say only master or
release branches) and don't send mails for those and send just a mail for
the merge commit?
Or, if that is not possible, disable gcc-cvs mail for vendor and private
branches altogether?


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