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Re: git conversion in progress

On Tue, 14 Jan 2020, Georg-Johann Lay wrote:

> In order to set and, the doc is using --global.  At least
> for me, the latter is not what I want because I am using git in other contexts
> than contributing to GCC (and am using different e-mail then).

Using --global is the simple case for someone who hasn't used git before 
on the system where they are committing changes to GCC (the page says "If 
you have not already configured those in $HOME/.gitconfig).  It gives 
instructions for the case of using a different email address with GCC - 
after giving instructions for the simplest case of a new git user.

> In .gitconfig:
> [diff "md"]
>       # .git/info/attributes maps *.md to diff=md
>       # You can also use .gitattributes for this
>       xfuncname = "^[ \t]*\\([ \t]*define_.*$"

That's already in contrib/ - but we need to 
document that script in git.html, and also need to add the relevant line 
to the checked-in .gitattributes file.

> And a question wrt e-mail addresses: I have 2 addresses associated with my GCC
> contributions: one from my GCC account and one non-gnu as
> mentioned in MAINTAINERS.  Which one should I use for commits?
> As far as I remember, the gnu address can cause some problems, but I don't
> remember where...

You can use whatever address you prefer for committing to GCC.

Joseph S. Myers

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